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Cox Communications' anti-cord-cutting propaganda is as sad as you’d expect

Cox embraces FUD in a desperate attempt to discourage cord cutting.

Twitter iOS App

Chronological chaos: Twitter experiments with out-of-order timelines

The Facebooking of Twitter could intensify if reverse-chronology goes away.


Change your passwords: 'Old' Nexus Mods breach may affect longtime gaming mod users

A recent database dump only affects users who signed up before July 2013.


Amazon Prime starts bundling Showtime and other streaming services

Amazon Prime takes on cable bundles with Showtime, Starz, and other add-on services.

pcw dropbox primary

Dropbox to shutter Mailbox email and Carousel photo apps

Dropbox is shutting down its Mailbox email and Carousel photo apps, ending the strategy for killer cloud-enabled consumer apps.


Internet-connected Hello Barbie doll can be hacked

Hello Barbie's Internet connection gets pegged for security issues.


The $139 Lumia 550 is the cheapest Windows 10 Mobile phone yet

Microsoft's Lumia 550, the cheapest Windows 10 mobile phone, goes on sale in “select markets” today.


Apple TV gets an app for over-the-air channels (with the right hardware)

HDHomeRun tuner support comes to Apple TV through third-party Channels app.

ifttt pretty little liars 2

Comcast X1’s IFTTT support lets you make your own TV alerts

The cable giant shows its geekier side by connecting to a vast number of Internet-connected services.


Twitch makes its long-awaited Android TV arrival

Android TV's Twitch app now lets users watch other people play video games on the big screen.


YouTube reportedly seeks licenses for Hollywood movies and TV episodes, yet again

YouTube Red may push for Hollywood movies and TV shows.


Ford software update puts a Siri button in millions of cars

Ford Sync vehicles from 2011 onward now have a Siri button.

microsoft lumia 950xl hand

Windows 10 Mobile gets an end-of-life date, surrounded by mystery

Microsoft promises at least two years of “incremental” updates for Windows 10 Mobile.


3 ways Roku Feed could be made even better

Roku Feed tries to make sense of streaming video, but the software hasn't quite nailed it yet.


Tablo Metro broadcast DVR with built-in antenna postponed indefinitely

Tablo Metro's attempt to take the clutter out of over-the-air recordings hasn't gone as planned.