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Scroogled no more: Microsoft's anti-Google campaign slinks away for good

Microsoft's Scroogled Website disappears, marking the end of the Redmond's sleazy ad campaign against one of its biggest competitors.


Facebook at Work wants to get all up in your business

A version of Facebook for inter-office communication holds promise, but it's still in testing and there's no business model yet.


Firefox Hello eases video chat by emphasizing permalinks over logins

Firefox Hello may never catch up to Skype and Hangouts, but this update makes it much easier to manage regular chat sessions.


WearResponses adds customizable canned text messages to Android Wear

The free Android Wear app is a simple way to avoid having go text by voice, though it does require some minor tweaking.


AllCast brings easy Chromecast photo beaming to iOS

The free app does a fine job of sending photos to your TV, but there are better options for video.

cord-cutting, cord cutter

CES wrap-up: Cord-cutting trends and predictions for 2015

For those who've learned to live without a pay TV subscription, 2014 was a banner year. Here's what to expect in 2015.


Not sure about wearables? Lumoid launches a try-before-you-buy program

The new service offers a seven-day trial on Pebble, Jawbone and more, but charges $20 if you don't make a purchase.


Amazon and Netflix snag Golden Globe awards as web shows ascend

Kevin Spacey wins actor accolades for House of Cards, while Jeffrey Tambor helps Amazon's Transparent take a pair of awards.


Thync's wearable zapped my face, and I felt fine

An upcoming wearable promises to give you more energy and help you sleep better--if you can endure a bit of discomfort along the way.


Wearables go niche and narrow in the search for consumer relevance

It's not enough to track steps anymore.The latest wearables are extremely mission-specific, aimed at narrow sports categories instead of general fitness.


Fasetto's Link wearable solid state drive puts a terabyte on your wrist

The Fasetto Link is far from fashionable, but it can stream your entire media library to phones, tablets and PCs. It's also waterproof.


Razer Nabu X hands-on: A cheap fitness band that could afford to do more

Razer joins the $50 wearable fray with fitness tracking and notification alerts, but neglects a few obvious features along the way.


Blocks modular smartwatch plans November launch, possible Android-based OS, and waterproof design

The smartwatch that lets you snap on your own components shows a little more progress at CES.


Sling TV impressions: Ground-breaking service with limited features

Dish’s new Internet video service is a big step toward breaking up big channel bundles, but don’t expect all the comforts of cable.


This Microsoft Surface lookalike runs a productive version of Android instead

A trio of former Googlers try to make Android more work-friendly, with help from a familiar-looking hybrid.