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E-sports go primetime as TBS preps weekly Counter-Strike: Global Offensive TV show

TBS will be the first major U.S. cable network to show competitive video games on a regular basis.

search engines

Forget universal search; give me a universal watch list

If streaming is the future of television, it needs a better way to browse the shows you like.

pebble time round hero

Pebble Time Round is a simple, circular smartwatch for smaller wrists

Pebble’s power-sipping e-paper display allows for a watch that’s much slimmer than the competition.


Toshiba's $330 Chromebook 2 gets modest tweaks: backlit keyboard, Broadwell CPU

Toshiba’s 13-inch Chromebook 2 is a midrange product line, bigger than the typical 11-inch models and with some better features, including two Intel CPU options and up to 4GB of RAM. A basic model with Intel Celeron will cost $330, while a $430 will have an Intel Core i3 chip.


Simple.tv ShowDrive aims to combine broadcast DVR with cloud storage

Over-the-air DVR could be built directly into smart televisions if Simple.tv has its way.


This iOS game cartridge could satisfy Game Boy nostalgia (if it’s not vaporware)

Pico Cassettes mimic the look and feel of handheld gaming cartridges, but are still just a conduit to the App Store.


Andy Samberg tests the limits of HBO Now’s password sharing during the Emmys

Sharing your streaming video password with the world isn’t good for much more than a laugh.

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Steam for Linux tops 1,500 games as launch of Valve's Steam Machines nears

Linux gaming hits another big milestone, but still lacks the support of several major publishers.


Windows 10's Xbox app will get an Xbox Beta version for user feedback on new features

Windows 10's Xbox app is getting a preview version, just like the Xbox itself.

Broadwell C

Broadwell-C is not dead, Intel clarifies

Broadwell-C is not dead--not yet, at least.


Apple TV and voice control: What Siri does that other set-tops don’t

The mere presence of Siri voice search in the new Apple TV is unremarkable. It’s the execution that matters.

avg antivirus

AVG’s new privacy policy is uncomfortably honest about tracking users

AVG congratulates itself on transparent privacy policy, gets backlash from newly-informed users.


Xbox One Preview users can opt into Windows 10-based 'New Xbox One Experience'

Microsoft starts publicly testing its new console interface, though you’ll have to jump through some hoops to get it.


This sleek, fanless HTPC case can handle a powerful CPU and discrete graphics

Looking for living room gaming without the noise? HDPlex’s case with copper heat pipes could be your answer.

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Zune services are finally, truly going away as Microsoft’s Groove gets Sonos support

To be honest, Microsoft deserves some credit for keeping Zune services going this long.