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core i7 ee chip 100410980 large

Extreme Edition inbound: Intel support site leaks Core i7-6950X Broadwell-E info

Broadwell-E—and its rumored 10-core CPU—pops up on Intel’s support website.


Sony’s pricey Ultra video-streaming service goes live today, but you'll need a new high-end 4K Sony TV to use it

Just spent thousands on a Sony 4K HDR TV? Get ready to pay a premium to enjoy it to the fullest.


Mozilla co-founder's ad-blocking Brave browser will pay you bitcoin to see safe ads

Brave, a new browser from the co-founder of Mozilla, gets serious about replacing the web’s worst ads.

Xbox One

Xbox's first universal Windows apps include Hulu, NASCAR, Nickelodeon, and Dailymotion

The promise of porting Windows 10 apps to Xbox already has a few takers including Hulu and Nickelodeon.


This iPhone SE teardown is pretty much what you’d expect

iPhone SE teardown: Apple’s smaller handset combines 2016 internals with a 2012 touchscreen.


Amazon triples its Dash Button lineup for your Slim Jim and Red Bull emergencies

Amazon Dash Buttons expand well beyond the basics with on-demand snacks, gum, and even coconut water.


Here’s how the consumer Oculus Rift got so much lighter and comfier

iFixit’s Oculus Rift teardown reveals special lenses for a lighter, comfier VR headset.


Cord cutters should hope Vizio’s new smart TVs don't spark a trend

Vizio’s “Tuner-Free" TVs require extra hardware and hassle for antenna users.


Skype is getting infused with conversational “bots”

Microsoft’s Skype bots promise to arrange appointments, order food, and book hotels, and more.


The Windows Store gears up for all-out war with Steam

Microsoft promises mod support, overlays, G-Sync, Freesync and more as it pushes the Windows Store and Windows 10 for PC gaming.

pasted image at 2016 03 30 11 54 am

Windows 10 'Anniversary Update' headed to all users this summer

Windows 10 'Anniversary Update,' aka Redstone, adds more features for Windows Hello, Cortana, Ink, and more.


EVGA's first gaming laptop is a slim, aluminum-clad beast with a 4K display

The EVGA SC17 puts high-end 4K gaming in a slick package, but is missing just one thing.


Microsoft’s cross-platform gaming push gets real with Killer Instinct for Windows 10

Killer Instinct hits Windows 10 with cross-platform purchases, saves, and multiplayer.

row of printers 606 11352305

The Internet of Things is all fun and games until a racist takes over your printer

IoT security wake-up call: A white supremacist hacker sends racist documents to thousands of publicly-exposed connected printers.

netflix at home

How to watch Netflix with faraway friends

Synchronize Netflix with long-distance friends using these two Chrome extensions.