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AT&T unlimited data plans now allow 22GB per month without throttling

After getting pelted with government lawsuits, AT&T more than quadruples the amount of full-speed data for legacy unlimited plans.

nvidia geforce gamestream coop

Nvidia GeForce graphics cards now allow faraway friends to play your games

With the GameStream Co-op beta, you can hand the controls to a remote player or team up on split-screen games.


Epix gets offline viewing support, leading the way for traditional TV channels

Epix adds offline viewing so you can watch Interstellar on your next flight.

Broadwell C

Intel regrets skipping Broadwell desktop CPUs

Intel admits it goofed by skipping Broadwell desktop CPUs.

5 reasons why Lego-like modular PCs aren't as exciting as they seem

The idea of easily-swappable PC parts has been floating around for years, but still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

iphone 6s upgrade plan

Sprint and T-Mobile remind you about their iPhone 6s deals

Rivalry between the nation’s smallest major carriers could work out in your favor.


Alcatel OneTouch could offer decent Windows 10 Mobile phones for cheap

The maker of mid-range Android handsets promises new Windows 10 phones by the end of this year.

new windows 10 logo primary

Didn’t ask for Windows 10? Your PC may have downloaded it anyway

Microsoft may auto-download Windows 10 files whether you ask for them or not.


Fox to stream 104 live NFL games through Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go will stream live NFL games, but only for cable subscribers.

office 2016 hero app

Microsoft confirms Office 2016's release date: September 22

Office 2016 release date is confirmed for September 22

20 adobe

Oops! Adobe’s iPad Pro press release points to 4GB of RAM

Apple’s extra-large tablet may have double the RAM of the iPad Air 2, and would quadruple the iPhone 6.

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amazon chromecast primary

The sad story of Amazon Video on Chromecast and Android TV

Don’t expect to watch Amazon Prime videos on Google’s television platforms anytime soon, at least not without workarounds.


New Apple TV: Siri and the App Store are the stars of Apple's new set-top box

Apple’s set-top box is getting its long-awaited overhaul, with a proper App Store, a major role for Siri, and a serious emphasis on gaming.

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Instagram ads are about to get longer, more prominent

Three years after Facebook’s acquisition, Instagram gets serious about appealing to advertisers.


Windows 10 is catching up to Windows 8.1, report says

Data from AdDuplex shows a 60-40 split between Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.