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Fasetto's Link wearable solid state drive puts a terabyte on your wrist

The Fasetto Link is far from fashionable, but it can stream your entire media library to phones, tablets and PCs. It's also waterproof.


Razer Nabu X hands-on: A cheap fitness band that could afford to do more

Razer joins the $50 wearable fray with fitness tracking and notification alerts, but neglects a few obvious features along the way.


Blocks modular smartwatch plans November launch, possible Android-based OS, and waterproof design

The smartwatch that lets you snap on your own components shows a little more progress at CES.


Sling TV impressions: Ground-breaking service with limited features

Dish’s new Internet video service is a big step toward breaking up big channel bundles, but don’t expect all the comforts of cable.


This Microsoft Surface lookalike runs a productive version of Android instead

A trio of former Googlers try to make Android more work-friendly, with help from a familiar-looking hybrid.


Channel Master wants to make a TV Guide for live, online video

Ditched cable and miss flipping the channels? Channel Master’s DVR+ box may soon offer an Internet equivalent.


Guess adds a touch of geekiness to its most popular watches

With help from Martian, Guess Connect watches get notifications, voice commands and music controls.


The Vibe Band VB10, Lenovo’s first wearable, is slim and stylish but slow

The Vibe Band VB10 has a long-lasting E-Ink display and classy curved design, though it’s best-admired from afar.


Hands-on: Ditto is a tiny wearable with a refreshingly minimalist focus

The $40 clip-on wearable vibrates for notifications from your favorite apps--and that’s about it.


What printers? Epson dives deeper into fitness tracking with GPS watch and golf tracker

New “Epson Active” line includes a watch that tracks runners’ strides and a swing analyzer for golf clubs.


Garmin vivofit 2 activity tracker pesters you when you're lazy

Garmin's latest fitness-tracking wristband isn't much different from its predecessor, except for its audible displeasure over your sedentary lifestyle.


Tablo Metro broadcast DVR cleans cord-cutting clutter with a built-in antenna

The $250 box hooks up to home routers and beams video to tablets and set-top boxes, though it still has some added costs.


Garmin's new smartwatches have touchscreens, tracking features and an app store

Garmin's epix and fenix watches aim at extreme sports enthusiasts, while the vivoactive takes on more leisurely pursuits.

Netflix logo with popcorn

The best Netflix tools: Use these 10 tricks and tips to get the most out of your subscription

Don’t be satisfied with the content that bubbles up to the surface of the Netflix user interface. Use these tools to dig down to the good stuff.

epic win 100220916 gallery

The greatest tech wins and epic comebacks of 2014

From gigantic smartphones to virtual reality, here are the products, companies and ideas that emerged victorious in the tech world this year.