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No Windows 10 Mobile upgrade for Windows phones with 512MB RAM, HTC One M8

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile upgrade plans continue to crumble as 512 MB RAM devices get the cold shoulder.

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Apple engineers could walk away from FBI’s iPhone demands

Current and former Apple employees say they’d rather quit than build an iPhone backdoor.


Intel may turn to AMD for Radeon graphics tech licensing

A rumored Intel-AMD graphics patent deal could mean a lot, or very little.


Turner Broadcasting plans to offer standalone streaming services by the end of the year

Turner Broadcasting looks to lure cord-cutters with standalone services and skinny bundles.


Segway succeeds in stopping hoverboard imports to U.S.

Many hoverboards are now banned from entering the United States amid patent disputes.


Uber Family Profiles let you foot the bill for your loved ones

Uber’s Family Profile feature keeps you in control while paying for other people’s rides.


What the next version of Android TV might mean for cord cutters

Android N plants the seeds for a futuristic DVR in Android TV and brings back picture-in-picture.


AliveCor’s standalone Apple Watch heart monitor is serious about health, not fitness

The AliveCor Kardia Band can detect irregular heart beats and send results straight to the doctor.


Oculus Rift launch: Here are the 30 VR games you can play on day one

Oculus Rift’s launch game lineup touts a wide range of genres, price points, and degrees of barfiness.

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Instagram will roll out an algorithmic feed, but promises not to ruin everything

With Instagram embracing algorithms, another social network says goodbye to reverse-chronological order.


Mac and Windows users threatened by rampant .om domain 'typosquatting'

Typing .om instead of .com in a URL could lead to malware for Mac and Windows PCs.


Twitch kicks off new Food channel with massive Julia Child cooking marathon

Julia Child gets a four-day French cooking marathon on Twitch. Can she top Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting?


Skype for the Web now lets you call non-Skype users

Some Skype credit and a web browser is all you need now to save money on international calls.


PlayStation Vue streaming plan goes nationwide by cutting broadcast channels

Sony’s new PlayStation Vue streaming-TV bundle costs $10 more than Sling TV, but it includes way more channels.


Windows 7 users complain of unprovoked Windows 10 auto-upgrades

Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade push is in full swing, though users say they never got the memo.