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The Asus ROG GT51CA has a weird ROG Band wearable that unlocks a hidden hard drive

The Asus ROG GT51CA gaming rig has a new feature: a wearable ROG Band wristband that can unlock a hidden drive partition or activate overclocking. The wearable's other purposes seem limited, though.


Netflix stops insisting it will never support offline videos

Netflix learns to never say never about downloading videos for offline viewing.


Vizio’s latest 4K TVs make eye-popping HDR more affordable

HDR gets cheaper with Vizio’s 2016 M-Series TVs, starting at $850 for a 50-inch set.


This infidelity-sensing mattress is so dumb it has to be a marketing stunt

The Durmet Smarttress uses motion sensors to detect foul play, which is pretty much the worst justification ever for buying a mattress.

Verizon’s long-awaited Internet-infused TV overhaul could happen this year

Verizon’s acquisition of OnCue TV tech from Intel in 2013 could finally bear fruit in 2016.


New crowdfunding campaign wants to bring Amazon's Alexa to smartwatches

The crowdfunded CoWatch aims to put Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant on your wrist.


Best cable-TV alternative: Which service should you subscribe to?

Playstation Vue and Sling TV “skinny” streaming-TV bundles try to woo cord cutters.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue review: This is the skinny-bundle sweet spot (for now)

PlayStation Vue gives you more than 50 cable channels for $30 per month, but are those prices built to last?


Skype for Web goes plugin-free in Microsoft Edge, sort of

Microsoft Edge now supports Skype calls and video chats without plugins, but conditions apply.


Apple might’ve let “MacOS” rebranding for OS X slip out

A “MacOS” reference appears on Apple’s Environment page, hinting at alignment with iOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

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Sling TV could get local television broadcasts with rumored AirTV hardware

Sling’s mysterious AirTV tuner box could bring every broadcast channel to Sling TV.


The Kangaroo mini-PC goes 'Pro' with a more versatile docking station

InFocus’ Kangaroo Pro mini-desktop adds VGA output, an Ethernet port, a headphone jack, and a 2.5-inch hard drive bay.


Microsoft’s latest AI party trick is a CaptionBot for photos

Microsoft’s CaptionBot looks at any photo and tells you what it contains (with mixed results).

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Unofficial "Revive" patch ports Oculus VR exclusives to HTC Vive headsets

Who’s responsible for locking down Oculus games to Rift hardware? The plot thickens with an unofficial plugin that brings Oculus games to the HTC Vive.

netflix new logo 580x388

Netflix flips the switch on eye-popping HDR video streaming

Netflix adds HDR video for TVs that support it, but the bandwidth requirements are steep.