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instagram app ios iphone mobile photos

Instagram tightens security with 2-factor authentication

Instagram's two-factor authentication will protect precious celebrities--and anyone else who wants it.


Samsung's speedy 750 EVO leaps into the SSD price war

Samsung rolls out a budget SSD without a hit to read/write speeds.


Microsoft’s modular PC patent is as clever as it is unrealistic

Microsoft dreams of a modular PC that makes replacing hardware components a breeze. We've heard this one before.


Hulu’s Windows 10 app has a weird way of talking to Cortana

"Hey Cortana, Hulu play Family Guy." This is how Microsoft does voice search with Windows 10 apps.

Grammy Awards

CBS’s Grammy stream failures are another cautionary tale for live online video

Last night's Grammys were the latest in a long line of streaming event failures.

Grammy Awards

The cord-cutter’s guide to the 2016 Grammy Awards

2016 Grammys: Live streaming gets easier with All Access on TV devices.


NBC's latest streaming video service is for reality TV junkies

NBC's Hayu will stream same-day episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and other reality shows, but not in the Untied States.

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Dish defangs its AutoHop ad-skipping technology for Fox shows

Dish’s ad-skipping AutoHop tech gets a seven-day delay for primetime Fox programming.

mantis 6

Google VR may ditch the smartphone with motion-tracking standalone headsets

The secret to Google’s VR plans could be energy-efficient chips with motion detection.

Hitman (2016)

Hitman could become the first big DirectX 12 game

IO Interactive and AMD team up for a big performance boost on Radeon graphics cards.


Cinemax is now streaming to cord cutters via Sling TV

Cinemax streaming breaks from the cable bundle with $10 per month Sling TV add-on.


Classic Windows 3.1 games and programs live again thanks to the Internet Archive

Archive.org's Windows 3.1 section brings SkiFree and JezzBall to your web browser.


How Vevo plans to get you hooked on music videos again

Vevo overhauls its Apple TV app to emphasize personalized music video playlists.


YouTube Red adds original programming behind the paywall

YouTube's paid subscription service kicks off programming push with PewDiePie, AwesomenessTV, and more.


U.S. Windows 10 Mobile phones: Vaio says no, Alcatel OneTouch says yes

The list of Windows 10 Mobile phones isn't long, but Alcatel’s Fierce XL helps fill out the low end.