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Xbox One hits the streets November 22, overclocked out of the gate

Microsoft's Xbox One is faster, better, stronger, and has a concrete release date.

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Acer Extend prototype is another stab at producing laptops powered by smartphones

The company is showing off a prototype laptop shell, called Acer Extend, that's powered entirely by a connected smartphone.

The low-cost Nexus 4 smartphone is gone for good

A mere week after Google dropped the price of the 8GB Nexus 4 to $200, it's sold out—and it isn't coming back.

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Smartwatches won't click with consumers until they grow Google Now–style brains

The tech world's gone gaga for the smartwatch concept, but the real world won't bite until the tech does more than push notifications to your wrist.

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HTC tricks out some phones with Fetch and Mini+ accessories

The Fetch will help you find a phone you left behind; the Mini+ will let you talk with your phone without holding it to your ear. But the gadgets don't work with all HTC phones.

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Microsoft Surface in Palo Alto

Microsoft's Surface slates get permanent price drops, cheaper Touch Covers

No matter whether the cost reductions come as compensation for lackluster sales or to clear the way for a new generation of tablets, Microsoft's Surface slates just received a permanent price reduction.

GameStick Android game console set for September 30 retail launch

The $80 Android-based game console is on sale through several online retailers, including Amazon and GameStop.

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Skype: Camera technology is holding back 3D video chats

Skype's working on 3D video technology, but today's smartphones and webcams just aren't equipped to make the dream a reality.

Struggling Nintendo announces 2DS handheld, cuts Wii U price

The new handheld system is $40 cheaper than the Nintendo 3DS, and it plays all the same games, albeit without a 3D screen.

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Customizable off-contract Moto X goes on sale, but it's still tied to AT&T

But while you can create your own customized, off-contract Moto X phone, it's still tied to AT&T.

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4K TVs just got a lot cheaper

As screen sizes have come down, so has the entry-level pricing for Ultra HD TVs.

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Not even long passwords will save you from a hack attack

Long passwords alone just won't cut it in now that the latest Hashcat update can crack 55 character passwords in relatively short order.

Xbox 360 update starts cashing out on Microsoft Points

Microsoft announce an end to its Microsoft Points virtual currency last month; it's started making the switch to local currency as part of an Xbox Live update.

The Moto X's innards aren't as interesting as its customizable exterior, teardown shows

In the case of Motorola's unique Moto X, it's what's outside that counts.

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Chromebooks get “immersive mode” and smarter launcher

The new Chrome OS cuts through a lot of the clutter.