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tomb raider windows store

Epic’s Tim Sweeney takes another stab at Windows 10's walled garden

Epic head Tim Sweeney returns with a more substantial take on how to keep Windows open.


4K Roku TVs start shipping, but the screens are small

Best Buy’s Insignia brand is first out the gate with 43-inch and 50-inch Roku 4K smart TVs.

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Zotac's mightiest mini-PC packs a GTX 980 for gaming and virtual reality

Zotac has crammed a GeForce GTX 980 into a “VR-Ready” miniature gaming rig.

AMD external GPU

AMD XConnect aims to make external graphics cards for laptops much more reliable

AMD XConnect brings driver-level external GPU support, planting the seeds for supercharged gaming laptops.

reaction to repetitive ads on streaming channels

Ad nauseam: Inside streaming video’s repetitive ad problem

Why do Hulu and other streaming video services show the same ads over and over?


DirecTV sets up the first UltraHD TV channel in the United States, starting with the Masters golf tournament

DirecTV goes 4K on a single channel, as the era of live UltraHD broadcasts begins with a whimper.


Google Destinations tries to make smartphone travel search less maddening

Google's new smartphone travel search keeps you from juggling a dozen browser tabs.

cablecordcut 100155124 orig 100527618 large

ESPN and CBS have more plans to reach cord cutters

ESPN and CBS hint at more standalone streaming options to come.

new windows 10 logo primary

How to speed up Windows 10 boot times with Fast Startup

Shave seconds off Windows 10 startup times with this one simple setting.


Skype is abandoning its smart TV apps

Microsoft discontinues Skype for TV because hardly anyone used it.

oculus look up

Amazon staffs up for virtual reality video push

Amazon VR job posting: “The future will not be limited to passive 2D experiences.”

verizon logo

Verizon's 'Supercookie' FCC settlement requires opt-in for some tracking

Verizon's settlement with the FCC required user opt-in for some Supercookie tracking, but users must still opt out for total privacy.


Internet Archive brings hundreds of classic Apple II games to your web browser

Classic Apple II games and programs hit a milestone at the Internet Archive. Who’s up for some Lode Runner?

Xbox One controller

Microsoft will soon explain how Universal Xbox apps work

With Xbox One, Microsoft's Universal apps are about to expand beyond Windows in a major way.

spotify logo

Facebook Messenger platform push continues with Spotify integration

Sending Spotify songs to Facebook Messenger friends will soon be just a few taps away.