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Xbox One controller will work on PCs, but not until next year

PC gamers who want to use the upcoming Xbox One controller will have to wait until 2014, as the architectural changes in the gaming console input device are re-written and optimized for PCs.

Microsoft tweaks Windows 8.1 again to help new users

Microsoft makes a few more adjustments to Windows 8.1 before shipping the update to users, and OEMs, which should happen any day now.

Cheap components in Google Glass point to much lower prices ahead

The eventual retail cost of Glass could be one-fifth of what early adopters ponied up for the augmented eyewear, one analyst claims.

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Microsoft hides the Xbox One's DVR (and other killer features) behind a paywall

If you want the best the Xbox One has to offer, you'll need an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Bing apps make the leap to Windows Phone 8

Bing News, Sports, Weather, and Finance -- already available on Windows 8 -- now come in mobile versions, as Microsoft looks to have a consistent experience between its operating systems.

Google Chrome policy exposes user passwords on purpose: Here's how to prevent it

Google's browser displays user passwords in plain text in its settings, and it isn't the only one.

TextNow taps VoIP for $19 monthly smartphone plans

TextNow is jumping into the low-cost wireless service fray, with smartphone plans that start at $19 per month for data-based service that relies on Voice over IP for calls.

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Vizio beefs up its smart TV platform

Vizio Internet Apps Plus is the company's name for its new full-screen app launcher, as well as a group of new apps and features for its smart TV platform.

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Samsung Galaxy Note III tell-all penned for September 4

A new press invite leaves little doubt that Samsung's latest phablet will be launched at IFA Berlin, just like its predecessor.

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Microsoft levels up the Xbox One's graphics capabilities with a GPU clock boost

The Xbox One is going to get a roughly 6.5 percent graphics boost thanks to a 53MHz bump to the console's GPU.

7 browser tricks to get the most out of your Chromecast

Chromecast already offers a ton of value for its $35 price tag, but the Cast extension for the Chrome browser can help it do so much more.

Windows 8 grabs more market share, but so do older versions

In a recent study, Windows 7 and Windows XP hold strong with users, but Windows Vista usage declines.

Hulu won't crack down on Chromecast's browser-slinging capabilities

Chromecast's ability to mirror browser tabs had the potential to ruffle folks in the streaming video industry, but Hulu, at least, is embracing Google's device.

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Hands-on: Quip, the so-called "modern word processor," is cool, but doesn't feel done

The new mobile-first collaborative productivity app has landed with a splash (and a lot of buzzwords), but Quip promises exceed the initial reality.

Android market more fragmented than ever, report says

There are nearly three times as many distinct Android products in use now compared to a year ago. Among these devices, eight different versions of Android are currently in use, according to a new report.

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