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Roku 4 review: The best Roku player, but not for the money

The Roku 4 is a just minor improvement over cheaper models, with or without a 4K TV.


Amazon Fire TV review: The 4K box to beat (for Prime subscribers, at least)

The 4K Fire TV is better than ever at delivering Prime video, but don't bother upgrading from the original.


Sling TV adds ABC in “Broadcast Extra” package, affiliates be damned

Sling TV gets its first broadcast channels with ABC and Univision, though the service is not available everywhere.

facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger ads might behave like voluntary text spam

Chatting with businesses on Facebook Messenger could open you up to message-based ads.

apple watch beauty

Smartwatches out-shipped Swiss watches last quarter

The Swiss watch sales decline keeps a steady pace as smartwatch shipments break ahead.

cable box generic 5190062

FCC vote could end the set-top box monopoly

The FCC wants to open up pay TV programming to any media streamer.


ESPN is scheming more streaming services with Dish and others

Sling TV might not be the only streaming service with ESPN, as the sports giant hints at new video packages to come.

Sundar Pichai

Google lends Apple support over FBI encryption demands

Google CEO Sundar Pichai pipes up in Apple's favor, and says making tech companies to hack customers’ devices “could be a troubling precedent,”


Hulu’s biggest problem isn’t a Time Warner buy-in

As a plaything for the pay-TV industry, Hulu suffers from a long-standing lack of direction.


Spotify deal throws in a free Chromecast with three months of Premium

Spotify’s Chromecast deal saves you $5 on the hardware and provides three months of service to boot.

instagram app ios iphone mobile photos

Instagram tightens security with 2-factor authentication

Instagram's two-factor authentication will protect precious celebrities--and anyone else who wants it.


Samsung's speedy 750 EVO leaps into the SSD price war

Samsung rolls out a budget SSD without a hit to read/write speeds.


Microsoft’s modular PC patent is as clever as it is unrealistic

Microsoft dreams of a modular PC that makes replacing hardware components a breeze. We've heard this one before.


Hulu’s Windows 10 app has a weird way of talking to Cortana

"Hey Cortana, Hulu play Family Guy." This is how Microsoft does voice search with Windows 10 apps.

Grammy Awards

CBS’s Grammy stream failures are another cautionary tale for live online video

Last night's Grammys were the latest in a long line of streaming event failures.