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T-Mobile invitation

T-Mobile teases CES plans, might pay you to switch

T-Mobile could start paying early-termination fees for people who switch from other carriers.

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Glass Glut: Atheer, Meta join the smart glasses fray

Atheer joins the crowded field for augmented reality glasses with a crowdfunding campaign to build its own hardware, while Meta has unveiled a pair of $3000 glasses.

BitTorrent Chat promises messaging free from prying eyes -- including the NSA's

The company that best known for its file-sharing protocol offers some more insight into how its unlaunched chat service works.

phone airplane shutterstock

Delta preemptively silences all in-flight phone yapping

Delta Air Lines wants no part of a proposal to allow in-flight voice calls.

lots of laptops and chargers

One power cord to rule them all: Standards group pushes for universal laptop charger

Adopting a universal laptop charger standard would lessen headaches and e-waste, says the International Electrotechnical Commission.

Overheating HP Chromebook 11 chargers recalled due to fire and burn risks

Some of the faulty HP Chromebook 11 chargers were MELTING.

better call saul

Netflix nabs Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul's Netflix distribution will mirror Breaking Bad's to a T.

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Amazon promises original series in the 4K format in 2014

Prices are falling for 4K HDTVs and now some 4K content is starting to be produced. It's still early days for 4K, though.

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valve steam machine

Valve's Steam Machine prototype PC unboxed, pictured, and prodded

Valve has shipped Steam Machine prototypes to 300 lucky Steam users, and one was nice enough to put pics of the 'PC console' up on imgur.

bezos kindle fire

Survey: Amazon sees more spending from Kindle owners

Now we know why Amazon isn't too worried about profiting from Kindle hardware sales. Turns out owners of those devices are spending big bucks with the online retailer.

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Google's new Tips site helps you dig deeper into Android, Gmail, Chrome, and more

They're handy, but beware: Google Tips' helpful tidbits also encourage you to share even more personal information with the advertising giant.

Why Microsoft might give Windows RT and Windows Phone away for free

Maybe it's desperate, maybe it's disruptive, but nixing licensing fees for Windows Phone and Windows RT could encourage greater adoption of those platforms among hardware vendors. Whether it'll work is anyone's guess.

Outlook.com aims to ease the switch from Gmail

If you want to jump from Gmail to Outlook.com, Microsoft has a new import tool.

nokia normandy

A Nokia Android phone might not be so crazy

Several reports claim Nokia's working on a low-end phone running a highly modified version of Android, despite its new Microsoftian overlords

Google Chromecast gets 10 new apps but app floodgates stay closed

It's still unclear when Google will open the door to more third-party apps for Chromecast by releasing public software-developer tools.

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