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Smile! Microsoft stuffs the SkyDrive website with new, photo-friendly features

Photo buffs may appreciate the improved album and high-DPI monitor support, but really, it's all about the animated GIFs.

Nokia exec vents about Windows Phone app gap

Nokia vice president Bryan Biniak shows frustration with gaps in Microsoft's app offering for the Windows mobile operating system.

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Chromecast hack reveals Google TV at its heart, not Chrome OS

It may be called Chromecast, but Google's new dongle has more in common with Android.

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Android 4.3 hides support for 4K displays and granular permissions options

The list of under-the-hood improvements just keeps growing with two additions that Google decided to keep out of the limelight.

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Google TV

Chromecast announcement doesn't kill Google TV, swears Google

The launch of the already popular Chromecast doesn't signal that Google will kill Google TV, the search giant said.

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When will your smartphone get Android 4.3? Only Sony commits to device upgrades

The latest Android software is out, but manufacturers ain't saying when it'll land on the latest Android hardware.

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Google Chromecast: A $35, cross-platform answer to Apple TV and AirPlay

This $35 dongle from Google will connect to your HDTV via HDMI and stream video from the Web to the TV at your instruction.

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Kepler to go: Nvidia's desktop graphics technology is coming to tablets and smartphones

Nvidia yanked back the curtain on a mobile version of its core Kepler graphics technology, promising iPad 4-level graphics at a third of the power cost.

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Use your Android phone's power for science via new BOINC app

Enhance the computing power for science research projects by donating some of your Android phone's juice to them.

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More Moto X secrets spoiled ahead of launch

At this rate, we'll know everything there is to know about the Moto X before it's announced.

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Samsung's $15,000 curved OLED TV lands stateside

The concave angle of a curved TV allows every part of the image to be equidistant from your eyes, so the picture looks clearer.

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Leap Motion

Leap Motion first impressions: There's work to do

The $79 gesture input device isn't quite done cooking yet. Perhaps, when they throw in some best-practices for app developers, it still might get there.

Locket pays you to make your Android lock screen a billboard

The free Locket app for Android pays you to replace your phone's lock screen with one that shows advertisements. But before you expect a big payoff, know that you'll be giving up a lot of lock screen functionality for a little bit of pocket change.

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Halo: Spartan Assault launches for Windows 8 and WP8 with a few 'gotchas'

The debut of the legendary Halo series on Microsoft's next-gen platforms looks fun, but be sure to read the fine print.

Tune in or tune out: How does Windows 8 stack up on a home theater PC?

Windows 8's modern interface translates surprisingly well to the TV screen, but some key software omissions could hurt HTPC buffs.