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Surface 2 launch plans ditch pop-ups for Pitbull

Because nothing says "productivity" like club-ready rap.

HP, Google team up on featherweight $279 Chromebook 11

Google and HP collaborated on the design of the new Chromebook, which ships this week.

Android isn't 'more secure than the iPhone,' but Google's security woes are overblown

Eric Schmidt is saying crazy things again, but this time, his zaniness highlights a key point: Android's security problem is vastly overblown

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Sony exec: PS4 controllers will work on PCs

However, comments by the same Sony exec suggests that the PS4 controller's touchpad may not be compatible.

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LG's making curved, 'bendable and unbreakable' smartphone displays

Move over, Samsung: LG's making a curved smartphone display, too.

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CBS app brings full episodes of popular shows, even on Windows 8

The CBS app, which launched on iOS in March, is now joined by new apps for Android and Windows 8.

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Xbox One's Kinect, Skype app were designed for privacy

Fear not, potential Xbox One users: Kinect never lets your face touch the cloud.

Samsung's HomeSync Android TV box seems costly

The $300 Samsung HomeSync is an Android-based set-top box that acts like a big-screen extension for Samsung's Galaxy phones and tablets.

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Rdio launches free radio on mobile devices

In the battle against Spotify and Pandora, Rdio hopes free mobile radio is a hook for premium on-demand subscriptions.

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Microsoft shows off modern browser with 1995 computer game

The game Hover! was originally bundled with Windows 95, and puts players in the seat of a hovercraft on a 3D map.

Windows 8.1 boxed copies now available for preorder

But don't buy one if you want to upgrade from Windows XP or Vista!

Microsoft's Surface boss teases more than just 10-inch tablets

At a Monday night event at the Microsoft Store in Seattle, Panos Panay -- the Microsoft vice president in charge of the Surface -- suggested that multiple sizes of the company's tablet are in the works.

Windows 8 users now outnumber Mac addicts

But that still doesn't mean Microsoft's new-look operating system is setting the world alight.

Reminder: next-gen console games will be storage hogs

Storage limitations could be an issue for early adopters, just as it was for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Sharp rivals iPad's Retina display with most pixel-packed Windows tablet yet

If you love eye candy, you'll find Sharp's Mebius slate absolutely delicious.