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See Chrome’s Material Design facelift before its official rollout

How to enable Material Design in Chrome before it goes live for everyone.


Apple TV just became the best box for streaming live broadcast TV

Channels for Apple TV now timeshifts up to 30 minutes of live television from HDHomeRun tuners.

windows 95

You can run Windows 95 inside your browser now

Windows 95 now runs in a browser. Just don't expect to do much with it.


Google will mark non-encrypted websites with a scarlet letter

Google Chrome can mark unencrypted sites with a red "X," but only as an optional feature for now.


GOG gets into early access games with 14-day refund policy

GOG's "games in development" early access program includes DRM-free downloads and rollbacks to previous versions.


Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 firmware updates hit without battery-draining sleep fix

Microsoft delivers Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 firmware update, but remains silent on battery drain issues.

metered broadband

Why cord cutters shouldn’t live in fear of broadband data caps

An optimistic outlook on Internet data limits, overage charges, and the potential threat to streaming video.


Flash video is 'on life support,' but big sites won’t let go

A new report says Flash will mostly disappear within two years. Will Hulu and other major streaming sites budge?

doctor who bundle

'Doctor Who' is departing Netflix, at least in the U.S.

Netflix and Hulu will lose 'Doctor Who' on February 1.

cable box generic 5190062

FCC to take aim at outrageous cable-box costs

An FCC proposal could bring relief from cable box rental fees by opening pay TV programming to more devices.

lg freesync monitor

Crazy ultrawide displays from Samsung and LG stretch to epic lengths

Ultra-wide displays from LG and Samsung could finally replace your multi-monitor setup.


Microsoft’s iPhone keyboard will have a one-handed mode that Windows 10 phones lack

Microsoft's Word Flow keyboard for iOS might make Windows phone users jealous with a more natural layout for thumb typing.


Security-camera snooping made easy, thanks to the Shodan search engine

Shodan exposes IoT security woes with a dedicated filter for vulnerable camera feeds,


Windows 10's Cortana will remind you to keep promises made in emails

Make a promise via email? Microsoft’s virtual assistant will follow up so you don’t forget.