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Echo Dot and Amazon Tap bring Alexa's voice smarts to cheaper hardware

With Amazon Tap and Echo Dot, Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant hits the road and hooks up with external speakers.

cord cutting

Cord cutting: Bona fide movement, or simple hype?

A Netflix exec knocks cord cutting as “great rhetoric to sell ads and generate readership.” Is he right?


Sling TV’s newest channels aren’t on cable

With Newsy and Flama, Sling TV continues to dip its toes into Internet video.


Samsung’s fancy curved monitors are the first with FreeSync over HDMI

Samsung FreeSync-over-HDMI monitors make AMD’s variable refresh rate tech more accessible.


Spotify’s new Fresh Finds feature tells you what the cool kids are listening to

Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlists dig through music blogs so you don’t have to.


Reality check: Acer's massive 4K IPS G-Sync gaming monitor costs more than VR

Acer's $1300 Predator gaming monitor puts the supposedly high price of VR headsets in perspective.


The first DirectX 12 game is here as Gears of War crash lands on Windows 10 with issues galore

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Windows 10 launch dinged by issues with AMD graphics cards, G-Sync monitors, and Nvidia graphics switching.

Cord cutting

FCC digs into how restrictive cable contracts are preventing streaming TV options

The FCC looks into the cable contracts that prevent TV channels from streaming online.


Brita’s Wi-Fi water pitcher orders fresh filters on its own

The Brita Infinity water pitcher auto-buys new filters with help from Amazon.

microsoft hololens project xray demo2

$3,000 Microsoft HoloLens dev kit opens for preorders, hardware specs revealed

$3,000 Microsoft HoloLens dev kits start shipping March 30, with three hours of battery life and a few pack-in games.


Amazon experiments with ad-supported TV (even for Prime members)

With 'The Fashion Fund,' Amazon departs from ad-free video whether you have Prime or not.

new windows 10 logo primary

How to join the Windows 10 Insider preview program

Want unreleased Windows 10 features? Here’s how to become a Windows 10 Insider, and what you should know beforehand.


Facebook Live brings video broadcasting to Android users

Facebook Live event streaming: Not just for famous people and iPhone users anymore


Blu-ray cracking software makers are giving up

AnyDVD maker Slysoft ceases operations, while DVDFab vows not to decrypt 4K Blu-ray discs.


Skylake NUCs go fanless with this copper-clad mini-PC

Aleutia’s copper-clad Skylake PC looks slick, but the fanless design will cost you.