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Microsoft’s cross-platform gaming push gets real with Killer Instinct for Windows 10

Killer Instinct hits Windows 10 with cross-platform purchases, saves, and multiplayer.

row of printers 606 11352305

The Internet of Things is all fun and games until a racist takes over your printer

IoT security wake-up call: A white supremacist hacker sends racist documents to thousands of publicly-exposed connected printers.

netflix at home

How to watch Netflix with faraway friends

Synchronize Netflix with long-distance friends using these two Chrome extensions.

project morpheus sony playstation 4

Sony: Bringing PlayStation VR to PC isn't out of the question

PC support for PlayStation VR is a “possibility” given the two platforms’ shared components, a Sony exec says.


Turn a Raspberry Pi into an Echo-like speaker with this recipe from Amazon

Amazon posts detailed instruction on how to rig up a Raspberry Pi with Alexa voice commands.


Hulu enters virtual reality on Gear VR, no subscription required

Hulu’s virtual reality app for the Samsung Gear VR is a mix of 360-degree content and traditional video in a virtual living room.


Google’s high-end Nik Collection photo software is now free, and probably dead

Grab Nik’s Photoshop plug-ins for free, but don’t expect any more updates.

Amazon Echo

Report: Google builds an Amazon Echo alternative while Nest turns to security

What are Alphabet's smart home plans? Depends on whether you’re talking about Nest or Google.

apple pay in apps

Apple Pay could help you buy stuff on the web this year

With Apple Pay for the web, typing in credit card details on your phone could soon become unnecessary.


SteamVR adds a Desktop Overlay for when reality calls

Valve lays the groundwork for the HTC Vive VR with a desktop overlay and customizable backgrounds.

google keyboard numbers 1

Google may release an iPhone keyboard with built-in search and GIFs

Google’s rumored iPhone keyboard may kick off the mobile keyboard wars.


Tesla quietly kills its largest Powerwall home battery

Tesla’s 10 kWh Powerwall is no more, and probably won’t be missed thanks to better alternatives.

inteldevilscanyon primary 100309249 large

Moore's Law stutters: Intel officially puts “tick-tock” CPU release cycle on hiatus

Intel takes a break from “tick-tock” with a new a three-step manufacturing cadence.


Chromecast owners can use Vizio’s new SmartCast app, but they probably shouldn’t

Vizio’s companion SmartCast app for P-Series TVs shows Chromecast how the remote control is done.

160315 sony psvr 6

Sony's PlayStation VR bundles go up for pre-order and quickly sell out

Sony starts taking PlayStation VR pre-orders more than six months ahead of launch.