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Comcast’s streaming TV service for cord cutters goes live in the Boston area

Comcast's new streaming service: $15 per month for HBO and broadcast channels

outlook 2016 mac icon

Patch Tuesday Windows security update rendered Outlook unusable for many

Users reported login failures, driver crashes, and other problems, though Microsoft has now issued a new patch.

Xbox One

Interview: The future of TV on Microsoft's Xbox One

The Xbox One’s new interface is a bit rough for video viewing. Here's how Microsoft plans to make it better.

Bluetooth’s 2016 roadmap: Whole-home coverage, mesh networking, and faster speeds

Bluetooth is getting more serious about smart homes with whole-home coverage and mesh networking.


F-Secure's Sense anti-virus hardware protects every device in your home, from PCs to TVs

F-Secure Sense is a $199 anti-virus box for phones, tablets, computers and smart home products.


Time Warner Cable makes streaming service official (but don’t call it a streaming service)

Time Warner Cable subscribers in NYC and New Jersey can ditch the cable box and get a free Roku streamer instead.


Latest Apple TV beta brings Siri support to Apple Music

Apple Music could get Siri support on Apple TV sooner than later.

Vizio smart TVs track what you watch, sell the behavior data

Vizio smart TVs have a creepy privacy policy, but it’s not much worse than the status quo.

FCC swats down petition for mandatory Do Not Track support

The FCC won't regulate sites like Google and Facebook. Will ad and tracking blockers do the job instead?


Xbox One backward compatibility: The first wave has some glaring omissions

Xbox One's initial backwards compatibility list goes heavy on Gears of War, light on Halo.


For $99, this Indiegogo project will murder your PC’s USB port

“USB Killer” promises to destroy a computer's USB port for $99, but you probably needn’t go to such extremes.

Comcast data caps aren’t about congestion, leaked memo shows

Comcast really doesn’t want its support reps using the term “data cap.”

windows 10 hands on start menu

Dell, HP support agents advise callers to ditch Windows 10

Windows 10 adoption could face some resistance from tech support reps who recommend against the new operating system.

call of duty blops3 7

PC gamers in uproar over Call of Duty: Black Ops III stuttering problems

Got Call of Duty: Black Ops III and a Core i5 CPU? Prepare for stuttering.

PlayStation Vue

ESPN, ABC, Disney channels head to Sony's Playstation Vue cable alternative

Sony is filling some of the biggest holes in its streaming-video service, but the entertainment conglomerate hasn't said if its subscribers will have to pay extra for the new content.

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