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Bitcoin is a failed experiment, says major Bitcoin developer

Mike Hearn, a major Bitcoin developer, says the cryptocurrency is a failure on the brink of technical collapse.

nest thermostat auto away

Nest thermostat software bug chills users once again

A faulty Nest thermostat firmware update made batteries drain and home temperatures drop.


The Airtop is a beastly gaming rig with no fans whatsoever

The Airtop from Compulab is a silent, fanless PC that still packs an Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 graphics card.

cordcutting pliers 1

Cord-Cutter Confidential's predictions for 2016

After a big year for cord cutting, here's what to expect in 2016.


HBO to get new episodes of 'Sesame Street' months before they run on PBS

The streaming service's Kids and Family sections provide fast access to Sesame Street and other family-friendly fare.


Remix OS's desktop-friendly flavor of Android hits PCs with mouse support and windows

Remix OS for PC goes where stock Android hasn't with windowed apps, a taskbar, and proper mouse support.


Seagate reveals a gargantuan 8TB hard drive for NAS boxes and desktop PCs

Seagate's 8 TB NAS HDD is the largest non-archival drive yet for consumers and small offices.


Periscope live streams arrive inside Twitter, no separate app required

Twitter users on iPhone can access Periscope live streams without a separate app (but no broadcasting or commenting).

151110 tmobile legere 3

T-Mobile admits Binge On throttles all video, blames everyone else for confusion

T-Mobile's John Legere decides to "help clarify" how Binge On throttling works after weeks of dodging questions.


Xumo is another streaming app for cord cutters to watch

Xumo turns Internet video into streaming channels, with smart-TV integration from LG, Vizio, and Panasonic.


After SeeSo, NBC plans six more niche streaming services

Instead of duplicating its main TV network online, NBC plans up to nine streaming service to scratch specific itches.

dropbox on windows 8

Upgrade now! Microsoft cuts off Windows 8's security updates on January 12

Windows 8 must now upgrade to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 to keep getting security patches.


Hands-on: Skreens displays feeds from up to 4 devices on your TV simultaneously

Skreens fills a single TV screen with up to four HDMI inputs that can be resized and moved at will.


Noveto’s “focused audio” speakers beam sound to your ears only

Noveto aims to eliminate the need for headphones with its wave-shaping, head-tracking speaker system.


LG’s futuristic screens are rollable, transparent, and unbelievably thin

LG's newest screens range from the functional to the fantastic—from displays you can see through to ridiculously high-resolution TVs.