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Hands-on: Skreens displays feeds from up to 4 devices on your TV simultaneously

Skreens fills a single TV screen with up to four HDMI inputs that can be resized and moved at will.


Noveto’s “focused audio” speakers beam sound to your ears only

Noveto aims to eliminate the need for headphones with its wave-shaping, head-tracking speaker system.


LG’s futuristic screens are rollable, transparent, and unbelievably thin

LG's newest screens range from the functional to the fantastic—from displays you can see through to ridiculously high-resolution TVs.


The 10 most outrageous TVs of CES 2016

You’re not going to buy these TVs anyway, so you might as well admire them from afar.


4K Blu-ray players are almost here

Samsung and Panasonic both tout 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray at CES, with Samsung taking pre-orders.


IntuiTV is an unremarkable TV box with a really cool E-Ink remote

Nagra's IntuiTV platform has an E-Ink remote that can change the buttons it shows. Why hasn’t anyone done this yet?


Channel Master’s entry-level TV tuner brings better guide data to over-the-air channels

Channel Master makes surfing for free broadcast TV a bit more pleasant with its basic tuner box.


Sling TV’s menu system gets the makeover it deserves

Sling TV aims to make its interface less confusing with a new “My TV” landing page, emphasizing content over channels.


DVD Watchbox turns a stack of discs into streaming movies

This $150 box streams your old DVDs from a PC to the TV.


Sony 4K HDR TVs come with a streaming video service to match

With Ultra, Sony tries to fill the HDR content gap in its latest high-end TVs.


HiSense promises low-cost HDR and curved TVs for the U.S. market

HiSense TVs for 2016 include a 4K, HDR, and quantum dots at low prices.


HiSense keeps the Sharp name alive with a slew of new big-screen TVs

Sharp stopped making its own TVs last year, but HiSense keeps the brand name going with big screens and HDR support.


TCL’s 2016 TVs: Just the basics, with a side of Roku

TCL's CES televisions are all about 4K, HDR, and quantum dots.


LG Signature line includes massive ultra-thin OLED TVs, plus fancy fridges and dishwashers

LG's "Signature" OLED TV sets measure just 0.1 inches thick and are covered in glass. Don't bother asking about price.


'Ultra HD Premium' certification aims to tame TV makers' madness

TV vendors love to confuse consumers with jargon, but the Ultra HD Premium logo could provide some relief.