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Sling TV: Don’t expect broadcast channels anytime soon

ABC, CBS, and other broadcast channels could join Sling’s bundle eventually, but they’re a nightmare to negotiate.


Here's what YouTube Red's $10 per month subscription gets you (hint: a lot)

YouTube Red's asking price could be worth it for the music alone.


NBC SeeSo and the beginning of the end for traditional TV channels

At $4 per month with no commercials, NBC's streaming comedy service is a glimpse at the future of TV.


Twitter adds a proper way to poll your followers

Say hello to Twitter Polls, and goodbye to “Retweet for yes, Favorite for no.”


NBC and CBS All Access arrive on Apple TV (yes, the old one)

Apple’s nearly-outdated set-top box won’t be getting the App Store, but it’s still getting new apps.

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Plex overhauls its home theater PC software with new Plex Media Player

Plex reboots its desktop software with 4K support, mouse controls, and a much slicker interface.


Chromecast (2015) review: A superfluous upgrade to a high-caliber product

One of Google's best devices gets modest improvements, and that's okay.

surface book front back

Spec showdown: Surface Book vs. MacBook Pro, from cheapest to priciest

If there was any doubt which product Microsoft was gunning for, the spec sheet makes it abundantly clear.

surface book

Microsoft makes good on cancelled Surface Book pre-orders

Microsoft is making good on cancelled Surface Book pre-orders with expedited shipping.

google cardboard gettingstarted lead

Cheap VR for the masses: Google Cardboard headed to 1 million NY Times subscribers

Google Cardboard is headed to more than 1 million New York Times subscribers.


Tricky new malware replaces your entire browser with a dangerous Chrome lookalike

This malicious browser looks and acts just like Chrome--except for all the pop-up ads, system file hijacking, and activity monitoring.

microsoft hololens family room rgb

Microsoft and Asus could team up on new HoloLens augmented reality hardware

Windows Holographic will likely open to more hardware makers after the $3,000 developer version ships next year.


Leaked Windows 10 preview begs users not to switch to Chrome or Firefox

“Give Microsoft Edge a shot,” Microsoft says, but the bigger problem is getting users to stick with it.


Valve takes a pledge: No ads on Steam

Valve is trying to create long-term relationships with Steam users, and ads could have a negative impact while also costing money to implement. “It would be a bad business decision, let alone just dumb,” Valve's Erik Johnson said.

pebble time fixed

Pebble Time expands voice controls with third-party app support

Pebble's new voice API paves the way for more powerful smartwatch apps.