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LG 'Super UHD' TVs tout slick designs and better viewing angles

LG's LCD/LED TVs get a 2016 makeover as the company chases the OLED dream.


Roku software heads to 4K TVs, with HDR in tow

Roku to land on 60 smart TV models in 2016, including 4K and HDR sets.

Streaming apps

App showdown: Roku vs. Chromecast vs. Apple TV vs. Fire TV vs. Android TV

App selection is one of the biggest factors in choosing a streaming media player for your TV. Here's how the major players compare.


Charter is trying to derail Sling TV, says Dish

Charter allegedly discourages TV networks from supporting Sling TV through "thinly veiled complaints."


Not dead yet: Firefox OS may still be destined for routers, tablets, and keyboards

Firefox OS may live on through tablets, keyboards, routers and more after Mozilla kills off the smartphone version.

light chip11ga

Groundbreaking light-based photonic processor could lead to ultra-fast data transfers

By using light instead of electricity, researchers tout 10 to 50 times greater bandwidth with lower energy consumption.


Littlstar brings 360-degree videos to the big screen with Apple TV app

Littlstar makes novel use of the Apple TV touchpad with free 360-degree videos.

151110 tmobile legere

T-Mobile Binge On may reduce all video quality, a sneaky trend for streaming plans

T-Mobile's Binge On plan for streaming video may be overstepping boundaries by dialing back streaming video quality across the board, even for non-participants in the program. Worse, T-Mobile seems reluctant to provide details of exactly how video optimization works behind the scenes.

Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft's ginormous Surface Hub gets another delay—and a $2,000 price increase

Microsoft's big-screen Surface Hub collaboration tool now has a Q1 release date and $8,999 starting price.

cablecordcut 100155124 orig 100527618 large

The 2015 cord-cutter awards

Cord-cutter Confidential honors this year’s best hardware, software, and services for living without cable TV.

xboxlivegold primary 100265205 large

Xbox Countdown launches 17 days of deals to compete with Steam's Winter Sale

Microsoft takes a page from Steam's playbook and then some, holding a longer sale in hopes of keeping users firmly planted in front of their consoles.


Oculus Rift sends VR headset hardware to devs in final push to consumer launch

The consumer Oculus Rift launch looks to be on track as developers start getting final hardware and software tools.

Microsoft is banning the adware method that caused Lenovo’s Superfish scandal

Microsoft cracks down on ad injection and other “man-in-the-middle” techniques in Windows.


LG’s robot vacuum gets cleaning instructions from your phone’s camera

The LG HOM-BOT Turbo+ robot vacuum combines camera controls and security features.

ubuntu wood planks

As 2015 ends, Ubuntu Linux misses its 200 million user goal

Ubuntu hasn't come close to the 200 million user goal it set four years ago.