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Jason has written professionally about technology and video games for almost 20 years. His goal in life is to figure out how complicated technology works and explain it in a way anyone can understand.

Sony VAIO Z Series: Ahead of Its Time, Above Your Price Limit

The new VAIO Z is a master course in cutting-edge design, but it will set you back a pretty penny. If only Sony could bring this machine to the masses.

Windows 8 Will Take Laptop Touchpads to the Next Level

New software and hardware combine to enable better multitouch than was ever possible in Windows 7.

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Windows 8 Also Has Tools for Power Users

So you’re not a tablet-using, touch-oriented, casual computer user. You’re hard-core. Don’t let the eye candy fool you: Windows 8 appears to have plenty of good stuff for you, too.

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Windows 8: Going In-Depth With Microsoft's Massive Update to Windows

Microsoft makes big changes with Windows 8, revamping the look and function, and adding support for the next generation of mobile devices.

Windows 8: What We Hope to Learn

Microsoft’s BUILD Windows conference next week will signal the grand reveal of its latest OS, and we have a lot of questions.

Who Will Drive the Tech Industry Forward Without Steve Jobs?

Like it or not, Steve Jobs has been largely responsible for many innovations that have moved the entire tech sector forward. Where will that influence come from now?

HP’s PC Business Spin-Off Could Benefit Consumers

If HP spins off its PC business into a separate company, the payoff for consumers could be big, but only if significant changes are made.

Windows Laptop Makers Can't Catch Up to the MacBook Air

Laptop manufacturers are struggling to compete with the MacBook Air, and by the time they do, it won't matter. It's not a manufacturing problem, it's an attitude problem.

Sony VAIO SB Series: Thin, Light, Expensive, and Terribly Fast

If money is no object, consider Sony’s VAIO SB the ultraportable to get. It’s thin and light, with long battery life and the best performance we’ve seen in its class.

8 Great Laptops Under $800

Samsung Series 3: Impressive Performance and Portability at an Affordable Price

You can see where corners were cut to reach the size, weight, and price of the Series 3, but Samsung has still managed to deliver impressive performance, a nice feature set, and stylish design.

Dell XPS 15z: Attractively Built, Attractively Priced Laptop

One of the best laptops Dell has made in recent years, the new XPS 15z is easy to recommend for Windows users who suffer from MacBook Pro envy.

AMD A-Series Chips Promises Faster Graphics and Longer Battery Life

The APU formerly code-named Llano may challenge Intel’s dominance in midsize laptops, ultraportable PCs, desktops, and all-in-ones.

The Laptop and Desktop Specs That Matter

Contrary to what you might think, speed isn't always the most important thing when you're buying a new computer.

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook: Chrome OS Underwhelms

Maybe the Chromebook is just ahead of its time, or maybe the world will never be ready for a laptop that does little more than run a single Web browser. The compromises you make with Chrome OS far outweigh the benefits you get.