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Jason has written professionally about technology and video games for almost 20 years. His goal in life is to figure out how complicated technology works and explain it in a way anyone can understand.

Can AMD Ever Beat Intel?

AMD’s processors are often a bargain, but can it once again make a processor that is flat-out better than Intel’s? Will the Athlon vs. Pentium days ever return?

4G Speed Tests, Cleanup Utilities, and the Death of Flip on PCWorld Podcast #111

This week, we clue you in on how we tested 4G phone speeds across all the major networks, multiple cities, and a dozen cites per city. Also, an early peek at the results of our testing of PC cleanup utilities, and a discussion about why Cisco killed the Flip.

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Samsung Series 9: The First True MacBook Air Competitor

Samsung’s superthin laptop one-ups Apple’s in a few ways, but you’ll pay for its style and performance.

CTIA, Browser, and Disasters on PCWorld Podcast #110

This week, the PC Editors discuss the merits of the latest web browsers, preview the CTIA show, and discuss how technology is changing the way we respond to disasters.

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Five Steps to a Better New PC

Just bought a new PC? Here's how to ditch the bloatware, get the apps you want, and make sure it has all your important data.

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Are We Really Living in a Post-PC World?

To hear some tell it, the PC is yesterday’s news. The PC isn’t dying, it’s just becoming part of a wider computing world.

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Sony VAIO Y Series Is Sleek and Well-Equipped, but a Little Pricey

Sony’s bright pink ultraportable straddles the middle ground between netbook and ultraportable, but costs a little more than it should.

Inside Intel's Next-Gen Processors

Here’s how the new Core i5 and i7 'Sandy Bridge' chips--which bake graphics hardware into the CPU--are redefining PC performance.

When Should You Buy a New Laptop?

Nobody wants to buy a laptop just to have a new, better model go on sale just a few weeks later. When is the right time to make that new laptop purchase?

The Optical Drive: Appendix of the Modern PC

Once a core component of every laptop and desktop PC, the silver spinning disc is rapidly going the way of the floppy.

Beware the Marketing Department’s Re-branding Efforts

Intel, AMD, and Nvidia’s latest laptop chips are great, but are muddled with marketing terms that seem almost designed to confuse customers.

HP Pavilion dm1z: AMD’s Fusion Processor Offers a Lot of Bang for the Buck

Straddling the line between netbook and ultraportable laptop, the dm1z offers a lot of value for its $450 starting price.

CES Highlights on PCWorld Podcast #105

4G, tablets, phones, 3D TV and cameras, and the next version of Windows all shared the limelight at CES 2011.

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AMD CEO Dirk Meyer Resigns

Thomas Seifert, Senior VP and CFO, to replace Meyer as interim CEO.

The CES Laptop Rush: Scores of New Models But Few New Designs

New chips from Intel and AMD are popping up in CES notebooks, but the eye candy factor for these laptops lags behind.