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Windows 8 is the cheapest Windows yet

Microsoft just announced that the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro - available to users running Windows XP, Vista, or 7 - will cost a whopping $40.

The big Google I/O 2012 overview

Want to get caught up on all the big announcements from Google I/O 2012? We've got you covered. If you don't have time to read a lot of in-depth coverage, this summary will give you the highlights.

Liveblog: Google I/O keynote day 2

Day 2 of Google I/O. What will Google announce at its morning keynote? What's left after the big announcements from Day 1?

Liveblog: Google I/O Keynote Day 1

Will Google announce its own tablet this year? What surprises will the next version of Android bring? We'll deliver all the news from the Google I/O keynote presentation live.

Apple Podcasts app

Apple expands its app offerings with Podcasts

Apple's removal of podcasts from iTunes in the iOS 6 beta made it obvious they were working on a dedicated podcast app, and now it's here.

Microsoft Surface and Windows Phone 8 Events, Youtube Blocks MP3 Transcoding Sites, AMD's New GPU

PCWorld Editors cover all the Microsoft news of the week, plus the new Radeon HD 7970

Live Blog: Windows Phone 8 Details

Windows Phone 8 will support multi-core phones and NFC payments, use Nokia Maps, and share many traits with Windows 8. Join us for a play-by-play from Microsoft's keynote.

Liveblog: Windows Phone Developer Summit

Microsoft's conference is for phone developers, not consumers, but it promises to give us the first look at Windows Phone 8, code-named Apollo. We'll be live at the keynote.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface: It's a PC, it's a tablet

Microsoft introduces a Windows 8 tablet named Surface, designed and built in-house.

TechHive: Vizio's New PCs-- A Scouting Report


If Vizio gets the usability of these new computers right, they could make big waves in the PC business this fall.

Scouting Report: New PCs from Vizio

Vizio marks its entry into the PC business with a pair of all-in-one desktops and three laptops. They look, on the surface, to be of better quality than the company's HDTVs, but are they?

TechHive: Apple WWDC 2012--The Major Announcements


Announced today: iOS 6, new MacBooks, a next-gen MacBook Pro, new features in the Mountain Lion OS, a new version of Safari, and more. Here are the details.


Apple WWDC 2012 news in brief

Apple made a bunch of announcements at its keynote presentation kicking of the 2012 Worldwide Developer Conference. This brief summary should get you up to speed in no time.

Three-Minute Tech: Tegra 3

Nvidia's system-on-chip powers many Android tablets, with many tablets and phones on the way. Do you need one in your next device?