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Alienware M11x Revision 2: New Internal Hardware Improves Performance

Our favorite ultraportable for gamers gets a nice speed boost with new internal hardware, but battery life suffers a bit.

HP Envy 14: Plenty of Power in a Stylish Package

HP’s answer to the MacBook Pro gives you more power at a lower cost, without sacrificing the sexy design.

10 Dream Machines Almost Nobody Can Afford

Whether you're in the market for an insanely high-end rig or you just feel like doing a little high-tech window shopping, these pricey PCs deliver serious bang for a whole lot of bucks.

Dell Inspiron 14R: Finding the Sweet Spot in the Inspiron Line

The R series of Inspiron laptops is more than just a cosmetic change: Better specs and features make them stand out from the typical, everyday Dell.

Samsung N230 Netbook Promises 13.5 Hours of Battery Life

Thanks to an extended battery and some power optimizations, Samsung claims one of the longest-life netbooks yet.

HP Envy 14 Now Available for Order

HP's order page for its slickest laptop is finally up, but it'll cost you.

Does the iPhone 4 Really Have a "Retina Display"? (Updated)

A display expert chimes in on Apple's claims and finds that, though the display is undoubtedly excellent, its claims might be a little exaggerated.

Laptop vs. Netbook vs. Smartphone

Work, school, and play: Which portable computer is the do-everything device for you?

The Netbook You Need

Want a great netbook for video, music, and light gaming? Or a machine with all-day battery life? Or maybe just a cool companion PC on the cheap? Look no further: We’ve uncovered suitable netbooks for all sorts of users.

Why I Switched from iPhone to Android

I have loved using an Apple iPhone for the last three years, but last week I kicked it to the curb. Here’s why.

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Intel Launches Ultra-Low Voltage Core i3, i5 and i7 CPUs

Intel promises better performance and battery life for ultra-thin laptops.

Best Places to Buy Tech

We shopped our way across the country--online and off--to see which retailer has the best selection, service, and prices for six types of tech gear.

Lenovo Introduces Media-Savvy IdeaPad Y560

A Lenovo laptop for consumers and, dare we say it, gamers?

iPad vs. Netbook: It's a Close Call

A netbook seems more capable than an iPad, but our hands-on testing shows that, in many situations, Apple’s tablet is the better choice.

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Alienware's M11x Gaming Laptop Is Easy to Take With You

In the M11x, gamers finally have a fully capable notebook that's easily portable and offers great battery life.