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Where are all the Radeon HD 5800 series cards?

AMD gives us some information on the shortage.

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Wi-Fi Alliance Announces Wi-Fi Direct Spec

Peer-to-peer connections to get standardized, certified spec.

Finland Makes Broadband a Legal Right

1 Mbit by next July, 100 Mbit by 2015!

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Nvidia Unveils Next-Gen Fermi Architecture

New details about Nvidia's next "compute and graphics" chip.

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AMD Announces Open Physics Initiative

AMD and Pixelux combine to bring GPU-accelerated physics to everyone through Bullet and OpenCL.

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Newegg files for $175M IPO

The online retailer has long been a favorite among IT and enthusiasts, and is now going public.

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Palm WebOS 1.2 Available Now

Fire up your Pre -- the latest software update offers a host of improvements.

Where's USB 3.0?

If you can't wait for USB with 10 times the speed of 2.0 at one-third the power, we have good news: It's almost here.

Trends From IDF 2009: Smaller, Faster, With Intel Everywhere

At this year's Intel Developer Forum, Intel demonstrated its vision of Intel x86 chips powering everything from your PC to your TV.

Microsoft's Top-Secret Tablet, Courier

Have we been lusting after the wrong unreleased tablet?

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Intel Demos Larrabee Hardware at IDF 2009

In a very brief ray-tracing demo, Intel's first public display of Larrabee hardware in action underwhelms.

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Samsung NP-Q320 Laptop

Aside from its lackluster screen, this general-purpose laptop offers good features and power for the price.

Geek 101: A Graphics Card Primer

Are graphics options confusing? Don't know how much graphics card you need? Start here.

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Nvidia CEO Predicts 570X Performance Increase in 3 Years

GPU Compute to get way, way faster than it is today.

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Dell Mini 10

Limited storage and a relatively small screen are not the ideal platform for a TV-tuning netbook.