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Nvidia Unveils Optimus Switchable Graphics Technology

New technology promises switchable graphics that "just works."

Micro Express KHL9070: Good Performance, Disappointing Features

The specs and benchmark numbers make this laptop seem like a great bargain, but Micro Express obviously cut corners to reach the affordable price.

Laptop Buying Guide: Shopping Tips

If you're ready to buy a new laptop, these handy tips will help you select the perfect portable.

Laptop Buying Guide: Making Sense of the Specifications

Shopping for a laptop, but unsure about the features you need? Here are the most important laptop specs to consider.

Laptop Buying Guide: Selecting the Right Laptop for You

Whether you want a compact netbook, a beefy desktop replacement, or an all-purpose laptop, our advice will help you make the best choice.

Will the iPad Connect to Anything?

Will the iPad work with printers? Bluetooth headsets? Music docks? External storage? Can you connect it to your TV?

Apple's iPad Mistakes

If Apple really wants to make the iPad a world-changing device, it should have these features.

iPad Specs: What Apple Announced (and What We Still Don't Know)

Apple finally divulged the specs of the iPad tablet, but there are just as many questions left unanswered.

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Laptop Prize Fight

Looking for the best mobile performer, pound for pound? We pit netbooks vs. ultraportables and desktop replacements vs. all-purpose machines to find the portable champion.

Apple iPad Scorecard

Will the Apple iPad be a failure or a hit? We detail our recipe for success and grade Apple's new device.

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge

The ThinkPad Edge is a welcome refresh to Lenovo's workhorse line that improves look and feel without sacrificing the features that make ThinkPads so well-loved.

Nvidia releases details of GF100 chip

Our picture of the new chip is starting to come together, but important details are still absent.

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ATI Introduces Radeon HD 5670

New graphics cards bring DirectX 11 to the sub-$100 crowd

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Acer Ferrari One Has Lexus Design but Gremlin Performance

Excellent design and features compensate for lackluster performance in a cool little laptop that will have netbook buyers considering something just a little bit bigger.

Microsoft Should Kill Internet Explorer

It's time for a fresh start with a new browser.