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The big Google I/O 2012 overview

Want to get caught up on all the big announcements from Google I/O 2012? We've got you covered. If you don't have time to read a lot of in-depth coverage, this summary will give you the highlights.

Liveblog: Google I/O keynote day 2

Day 2 of Google I/O. What will Google announce at its morning keynote? What's left after the big announcements from Day 1?

Liveblog: Google I/O Keynote Day 1

Will Google announce its own tablet this year? What surprises will the next version of Android bring? We'll deliver all the news from the Google I/O keynote presentation live.

Apple Podcasts app

Apple expands its app offerings with Podcasts

Apple's removal of podcasts from iTunes in the iOS 6 beta made it obvious they were working on a dedicated podcast app, and now it's here.

Microsoft Surface and Windows Phone 8 Events, Youtube Blocks MP3 Transcoding Sites, AMD's New GPU

PCWorld Editors cover all the Microsoft news of the week, plus the new Radeon HD 7970

Live Blog: Windows Phone 8 Details

Windows Phone 8 will support multi-core phones and NFC payments, use Nokia Maps, and share many traits with Windows 8. Join us for a play-by-play from Microsoft's keynote.

Liveblog: Windows Phone Developer Summit

Microsoft's conference is for phone developers, not consumers, but it promises to give us the first look at Windows Phone 8, code-named Apollo. We'll be live at the keynote.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface: It's a PC, it's a tablet

Microsoft introduces a Windows 8 tablet named Surface, designed and built in-house.

TechHive: Vizio's New PCs-- A Scouting Report


If Vizio gets the usability of these new computers right, they could make big waves in the PC business this fall.

Scouting Report: New PCs from Vizio

Vizio marks its entry into the PC business with a pair of all-in-one desktops and three laptops. They look, on the surface, to be of better quality than the company's HDTVs, but are they?

TechHive: Apple WWDC 2012--The Major Announcements


Announced today: iOS 6, new MacBooks, a next-gen MacBook Pro, new features in the Mountain Lion OS, a new version of Safari, and more. Here are the details.


Apple WWDC 2012 news in brief

Apple made a bunch of announcements at its keynote presentation kicking of the 2012 Worldwide Developer Conference. This brief summary should get you up to speed in no time.

Three-Minute Tech: Tegra 3

Nvidia's system-on-chip powers many Android tablets, with many tablets and phones on the way. Do you need one in your next device?

Nintendo at E3

E3 2012: Nintendo Conference Liveblog

This fall, Nintendo will begin selling the successor to the hugely successful Wii, named the Wii U. At its E3 conference keynote, we expect to hear all about the launch lineup, and a lot about the 3DS as well.