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NASA’s NuSTAR Conference: Why It Matters

Earlier this week, NASA held a news conference. No big deal, right? But NASA’s decision to livestream the event--as well as field questions from Twitter--made this an important event to pay attention to.

Liquid Solar Cells: An Innovative Hazard

Researchers at USC develop "liquid" printable solar cells, but some of the materials used can be highly toxic.

Lazy Solar System Is Lazy, Can't Outrun Cosmic Rays

If killer asteroids, supernovas, and black holes weren't enough, stellar objects have something else to worry about: cosmic rays.

How Switching to VoIP Can Save You Money

Migrating your business to a Voice-over-IP communications system may save you a big chunk of change in the long run. Here's why (and how) to cut the phone line and go VoIP-only.

Adafruit's New Board Lets You Hack the Raspberry Pi, Make It More Delicious

A new prototyping board for the Raspberry Pi opens up all sorts of doors for hacking this new, tiny Linux-based PC.

How to Connect Your HDTV and Smartphone With MHL

Do you own an MHL-certified smartphone, tablet, or HDTV? Mobile High-Definition Link technology lets your mobile device play movies, games, and apps in HD on your big screen. Here's how to make an MHL connection in your home theater.

Life on Mars? We’ve Been Wrong Before

A new research paper suggests that the Viking 2 mission to Mars may have found evidence of life after all. But let's not jump to conclusions here...

How to Root Your Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Rooting an Android smartphone is not for the faint of heart. Follow our simple guide to better understand how to root your Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone.