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Kineto's Smart VoIP Goes Head To Head With Google Voice, Skype

An upcoming app from Kineto Wireless could bring Wi-Fi phone calls to just about any smartphone on just about any carrier.

Robot Avatars Are Here, Working From Home Will Take on New Meaning

This telepresence robot can pick up and maniuplate objects, and it can even tell you the temperature and texture of an object.

Android ROM Roundup

It's easy to install a custom operating system on your Android device, but which one is right for your needs? We install and test some of the most popular Android ROMs on the Web to help you find the one that's perfect for you.

Graphene Goes 3D: No Glasses Necessary

Scientists find a new way of using graphene more energy efficient--by going vertical.

NASA Plans an Outpost on the Far Side of the Moon

NASA wants to take the next step in human spaceflight, and set up a manned outpost on the other side of the Moon.

DARPA Controls Cyborg Moths in Flight, Mothpocalypse a Reality

Cyborg moths created by DARPA may not bring about the robot apocalypse, but they're still plenty creepy.

New Modular Solar Towers Promise Easy Green Power

These solar towers may look like the Eye of Sauron, but each could provide enough energy to power 50 homes.

Who Are the Real Aliens in Space, Anyway?

Could we be inadvertently contaminating other worlds with microbes from Earth? Jason Kennedy looks at the implications...

'Cloak of Invisibility' in the Works; No Cone of Silence Planned

Researchers at the University of Texas in Austin say that've been able to hide an object behind a cloak of invisibility of sorts, but it has some limitations

Quantum Dots Could Protect Spacecraft From Missiles

Advances in nanotechnology could protect satellites and other spacecraft from missile attacks--and it sounds like something out of science fiction.

Where's Russia's Missing Spacecraft?

Russia's Phobos Grunt space probe crashed to the Earth some time last week...and nobody knows where it ended up.