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Wrap Your Phone in Tin Foil: Massive Solar Storm Is Coming

Our sun is ramping up its solar activity right about now: Look for an increase in solar storms in the next couple years.

Lego Particle Collider Looks Awesome, Won't Find Higgs Boson Anytime Soon

Lego? In my particle collidor? Well, not exactly. But this Large Hadron Collider re-creation will impress just about any physics--or Lego--geek.

Microsoft Kinect for Windows: It’s Coming

Gamers and programmers, get ready: Microsoft announces that a Windows version of the Kinect controller will come in 2012.

How to Revert Your Android Smartphone to a Stock ROM

Running a custom ROM on your Android phone, and worried that you'll miss out on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)? We'll show you how to bring your smartphone back to the stock Gingerbread ROM and prepare for the update.

IBM Simulates 4.5% of the Human Brain; Skynet Is Next

Computers can't quite match human brains...yet, but new research from IBM shows that computers may catch up to us sooner or later...

Tractor Beams in Space: The Next Awesome

A researcher at Ohio State University may have figured out the science behind tractor beams. But don't expect something out of Star Wars just yet...

Adventures in Brickdom: Installing Windows 8 on a CR48

We try to get Windows 8 to run on the CR48 without breaking something. Read on for the exciting details.