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Jason is a systems administrator living in Seattle. When he's not up to his elbows in a server, he's up to his elbows in the latest electronics or technology news, or trying out languages like Dart and Ruby.

How to Unlock the Nexus S Bootloader

New to the Android hacking game? Here's how to unlock the bootloader on the Nexus S smartphone.

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Reverse-Engineering the Nexus S

Why the Nexus S is good news for Android-hacking Galaxy S owners.

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Ancient Greek Computer Gets Rebuilt Using Lego

2000 years ago, the Greeks built a device designed to calculate the motion of celestial bodies, and it's considered to be the World's first computer. This year, a designer built a replica entirely out of Lego bricks.

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All I Want for Geekmas: Jason Kennedy's Geektacular Wish List

What does GeekTech want this holiday season? We took turns sharing what geek toys are on our wish lists. First up: GeekTech blogger Jason Kennedy.

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Crazy Design Concept Shows a Levitating, Spinning Phone

You going to answer that? Your phone is...spinning...

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Bacteria Beats Sudoku; NY Times Crossword Beware

How are you at Sudoku? If you’re anything like me, there are a few strains of Japanese taught Escherichia coli bacteria that are probably better at it than you, according to a New Scientist report.

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Ice Touchscreen Is Cold, Hard Science at Work

What do you do with your time when it’s only light out for 3-4 hours a day in a long, cold Finnish winter? If you’re a group of Nokia employees, you build the world’s first ice touchscreen, of course.

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Inductive Charging: Ready for Prime Time?

I’m a total technology nerd, but I also hate wires. Power cables, ethernet cables, coaxial cables, and whatnot make me grind my teeth in a bad way.

Solar Shield to Protect Us From the Sun's Wrath

Scientists predict major solar storms to occur in the coming years that could wreak havoc on our power grid. But NASA has a straightforward proposal that could minimize damage.

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Artificial Intelligence Trumps Human Judge in Test; We're Not Certain How

How did Skynet start, again? The New Scientist recently reported a winner for the Loebner Prize, an annual contest that puts artificial intelligence machines through one version of the Turing Test.

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Squeezing More Speed Out of Copper

Telecom companies are looking at ways to increase data capacity through our existing infrastructure. Here are some new ideas for improving the network we've already got

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Powerline Networking Standard Ratified, Should Mean Easier Home Networks

The IEEE standards organization recently ratified the Powerline networking standard. What does this mean for you?

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Clearwire's 4G Trial Approaches 100Mbps

Holy bandwidth, Batman! Clearwire released results of its LTE trial network in Phoenix, showing speeds near 100Mbps.

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Can Twitter Be Used to Predict the Stock Market? These Guys Think So

Cornell researchers tried to see if there was any correlation between moods expressed on Twitter and stock market performance.

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Graphene 'Spin Computers' Could Bring Smaller, Faster Gadgets

Graphene spin computers, now being researched at the University of California, Reiverside, could mean big improvements for your PC and gadgets.