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Jason is the former editorial director of Macworld, and has reviewed every major Apple product of the last few years, including the original iPhone and iPad as well as every major version of Mac OS X. Check out Sixcolors.com for his latest Apple coverage.

Review: iPhone 5 takes next step in smartphone evolution

Nothing will ever equal the revolutionary quality of the first iPhone. But this fifth-generation model continues the tradition of incrementally making a great phone greater.

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Welcome to TechHive!

Jason Snell welcomes you to our new technology site. It's all about our shared passion for technology and how it fits into our daily lives.

Live Blog: Apple's iPhone press event

Ready for a new iPhone? Apple will hold a press event at 10 a.m. PT on Wednesday, Sept. 12, and we'll be on hand to cover everything Tim Cook and company have planned.

Tech for Life

Tech for Life: Baseball

With hand-stitched balls, wooden bats, and leather gloves, baseball is a sport untouched by time. Watching baseball is a fully 21-st century affair, and Jason Snell shows you how to use tech to get the most out of America's pastime.

Live blog: Amazon's Kindle press event

We're on the scene at Amazon's big press event in Santa Monica, California, and live blogging now. Join us.

Kindle Fire

Live Blog: Amazon press event

Will we see a new and improved Kindle Fire? Will Amazon find a way to reduce the price even further? Will traditional e-ink Kindles get a new an improved model? We'll have all the details live from Santa Monica.

Tech for Life

Tech for Life: Road trip

In our new video series Tech for Life, Jason Snell takes a look at the apps and accessories that make long car trips more enjoyable.

How to connect the iPad via AT&T Mobile Share

The AT&T Mobile Share data plans will support the iPad, but not without a SIM swap and a $36 activation fee.

Samsung-Apple: The verdict's in

Apple versus Samsung. There's a verdict! It's not pretty.

Full Mountain Lion Review: Apple Gets its Operating Systems in Sync


Apple's goal isn't copying iOS with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, but integrating new features into both of its operating systems.

The Many Faces Of: Instapaper

Jason Snell compares Instapaper on iOS and Android.


Liveblog: WWDC 2012 Keynote

Jason Snell and Dan Moren will be in the audience as Tim Cook unveils Apple's latest creations. Follow our live blog for all the latest Apple announcements.

Live Update: WWDC Keynote 2012

Apple's 2012 annual Worldwide Developers Conference is now in progress. Let's see what Cupertino is up to.

The hard work of keeping up with social games

Jason Snell's facing a huge inbox of tasks. Granted, they're all game-related tasks, but does that really matter?

D10: Stanford, Khan Academy, and the future of higher ed

Is the world of higher education about to be swept away by a tsunami of change? That's what the president of Stanford University said at D10, Jason Snell reports.