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Jason writes about Apple at Six Colors and podcasts at Relay FM and The Incomparable. Before that, he was the lead editor at Macworld for more than a decade.

iPhone 5 review: Taking the next step in smartphone evolution

Nothing will ever equal the revolutionary quality of the first iPhone. But this fifth-generation model continues the tradition of incrementally making a great phone greater.

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Welcome to TechHive!

Jason Snell welcomes you to our new technology site. It's all about our shared passion for technology and how it fits into our daily lives.

Live Blog: Apple's iPhone press event

Ready for a new iPhone? Apple will hold a press event at 10 a.m. PT on Wednesday, Sept. 12, and we'll be on hand to cover everything Tim Cook and company have planned.

Tech for Life

Tech for Life: Baseball

With hand-stitched balls, wooden bats, and leather gloves, baseball is a sport untouched by time. Watching baseball is a fully 21-st century affair, and Jason Snell shows you how to use tech to get the most out of America's pastime.

Live blog: Amazon's Kindle press event

We're on the scene at Amazon's big press event in Santa Monica, California, and live blogging now. Join us.

Kindle Fire

Live Blog: Amazon press event

Will we see a new and improved Kindle Fire? Will Amazon find a way to reduce the price even further? Will traditional e-ink Kindles get a new an improved model? We'll have all the details live from Santa Monica.

Tech for Life

Tech for Life: Road trip

In our new video series Tech for Life, Jason Snell takes a look at the apps and accessories that make long car trips more enjoyable.

How to connect the iPad via AT&T Mobile Share

The AT&T Mobile Share data plans will support the iPad, but not without a SIM swap and a $36 activation fee.

Samsung-Apple: The verdict's in

Apple versus Samsung. There's a verdict! It's not pretty.