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Jason is the former editorial director of Macworld, and has reviewed every major Apple product of the last few years, including the original iPhone and iPad as well as every major version of Mac OS X. Check out Sixcolors.com for his latest Apple coverage.

Gear Guide Short: IPhone Accessories

As you might have noticed, we've posted three slideshows of products in our annual Gear Guide. Check out gifts under $50, then view gifts under $150, and finally...

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Mac Mini With Snow Leopard Server

Ever since the Mac mini was first released, people have been using Apple's diminutive Mac desktop as a server. At 6.5 inches square and 2 inches high, it bears...

Orbital for IPhone

In late September I was in Denver, attending the iDev 360 iPhone developer's conference. I was sitting in on a game-development seminar, which was actually...

Does Apple Really Want to Sell Magazines?

In all the speculation that abounds on the Web about the possibilities of an Apple-designed tablet device that would compete with e-readers from Amazon, Barnes...

IPhone Superguide Comes to the App Store, Eventually

I'm happy to announce that we've released a new version of our iPhone & iPod touch Superguide, which compiles all our best information about the iPhone and...

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Introducing Macworld's Total Snow Leopard Superguide

Every time Apple releases a new operating system, we pull together the most essential, in-depth, and up-to-date information about the Mac OS and create a new...

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Marvel Comics Come to IPhone

Excelsior! Comixology, makers of the free comic-book app Comics, have brought one of the "big two" comics publishers to the iPhone for the first time.

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Hands On With Apple TV 3.0

Apple's new software version on Apple TV provides direct access to rented and purchased movies, TV shows, and YouTube videos.

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Roku Player Line Adds Two New Models

Roku's Netflix Player ( Macworld rated 4 out of 5 mice ) arrived in mid-2008 as a compelling addition to any Netflix subscriber's life: it was a $100 box that...

Iconfactory Releases Pickin' Time Game

The Iconfactory released the fast-paced $2 iPhone game Pickin' Time on Monday. The game features both single-player and multi-player modes, both of which test...

Kanex Adapter Gets Digital Audio, Video to HDMI

Back in July I wrote about Apogee's Kanex adapter that takes audio and video from a Mac and runs it over an HDMI cable to a HDTV. Combining the video from a...

Apple Updates Mac Mini, Adding Server Configuration

Apple on Tuesday announced an update to the Mac mini line of small all-in-one desktop Mac systems, adding faster processors, doubling memory capacity, and...

New Aluminum-clad Apple Remote Arrives

Lost in the hubbub of all the another announcements Apple made Tuesday was the release of a new standalone Apple Remote.

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Low-end MacBook Gets Unibody Design

Apple on Tuesday announced an updated version of its low-end MacBook laptop, which will be available immediately. The new model, while still clad in white...

Apple Overhauls iMac Line, with 21.5-, 27-inch Models

Apple's iMac line gets an update with new 212.5-inch and 27-inch models.