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Jason oversees all editorial operations for TechHive, PCWorld, and Macworld. He has reviewed every major Apple product of the last few years, including the original iPhone and iPad as well as every major version of Mac OS X.

Twitterrific 2 for IPhone

Being first out the door can be good. Twitterrific was probably the first Twitter client on the Mac, a version of it appeared on the iPhone early on in the...

Nine Twitter Tips for Business

Twitter is so red-hot right now that it's united Shaq and Oprah. It's also so good at attracting buzzwords that I can't decide whether to call it a microblogging...

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Apple to Netbooks: Drop Dead

Suspicions about Apple's intentions in the netbook space -- and clues from a recent briefing.

Use Netflix Instant Watching to Feed Mac Media Center

If you're looking to use a Mac as the center of your household video consumption, as Christopher Breen has been sketching out...

MLB At Bat 2009 for IPhone

For me, one of the highlights of the first few months of the App Store was Major League Baseball Advanced Media's MLB At Bat...

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IVerse Comic Reader for IPhone

Time to lay all my geek cards down on the table. I can recite just about every original Star Trek episode by heart, and...

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MLB Releases IPhone App With Game Audio

MLB.com At Bat 2009 lets you stream live game audio.Major League Baseball Advanced Media announced Sunday that it has released...

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Think Before You Tweet

I love Twitter, as my 7,121 updates will attest. But let's get this straight: while it might be okay to tweet about waffles...

15 IPhone 3.0 Features We'd Like to See

Talk about ungrateful--the iPhone hadn't been out for more than a month when we created our first list of "missing" iPhone...

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Live Update: iPhone Software 3.0

Jason Snell and Dan Moren provide live coverage from the Apple campus in Cupertino, as we get a look at the next generation if iPhone software.

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Hands-on the New IPod Shuffle

The fourth-generation iPod shuffle was unveiled Tuesday and arrived in our offices Thursday. In this Macworld Video, I give...

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New IPod Shuffle: What You Need to Know

Answers straight from Apple and from our own hands-on tests

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Introducing Macworld's New IPhone Superguide

In the two-plus years since the original iPhone was introduced, Macworld has written tens of thousands of words about Apple's...

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MLB At Bat 2009 to Include Game Audio

As a baseball fan, I'm not sure how I missed this. (Perhaps it was the typical mid-winter doldrums.) Following up last year's...

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Amazon Releases Kindle for IPhone

Amazon.com released Kindle for iPhone late Tuesday night, enabling iPhone users to read more than 240,000 Kindle e-books.

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