Review: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Provides Mayhem and Wonder Galore

Wonder comes in many forms in Skyrim, and Bethesda shows us this wonder in many places and in many ways in one of their most enjoyable games yet.

Review: Might and Magic: Heroes VI Is Lacking With Bugs and Ubisoft's Bad Online Strategy

The Might and Magic series' long-running strategy-RPG gameplay is still a lot of fun. Yet this fun finds itself beset by a number of glitches, a lack of real strategy, and Ubisoft's insulting online strategy.

Beta Tests Soon for GameStop's Console-Streaming Service?

GameStop is hoping to start a beta test for a console-streaming service by the end of the year.

The 30 Best PC Games

Here's a comprehensive look at 30 of the best video games available for the PC. How about Super Meat Boy?

Gamers Organize Against California's Restrictions

The Video Game Voters Network is launching a campaign against the state senator who pushed a law to restrict violent games.

World of Warcraft Subscribers Hit 12 Million

The population of players of this game exceeds the combined residency of several countries.

GameStop Blocks Medal of Honor from U.S. Bases

The Army & Air Force Exchange Service decided to pass because of a multiplayer mode that lets players assume the role of the Taliban.

Duke Nukem Forever Promised in 2011

Duke Nukem Forever gets a new lease in life, and even makes an appearance on the PAX show floor.