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Jay Alabaster is a reporter for IDG News Service based in Tokyo.

Japan's Two Main Airlines to Launch Wi-Fi Services on International Flights

Japan's two main airlines will begin providing Wi-Fi on some international flights, with Japan Airlines to begin offering services next month.

Sony, Panasonic to Team up to Mass-produce OLED TV Panels

Sony and Panasonic said Monday they will team up to create mass production technology for super-high resolution TVs based on OLED technology.

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Sony to Invest $1 Billion to Increase Camera Image Sensor Production

Imaging technology will be a major focus for the company, even as it cuts back on in-house production of TV panels and other components.

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Nintendo Announces Jumbo 3DS With Double the Screen Size, Longer-life Battery

Nintendo will launch a new, jumbo-sized version of its 3DS handheld from next month, with a screen nearly twice the size of the current model, the Japanese...

Jail Time, Fines for Illegal Downloads Debated in Japan

A revision to Japan's copyright law to impose criminal penalties on those who illegally download music and movies has sparked debate in the country.

New Group Launches in Japan to Promote Corporate Use of IPhones, IPads

A new group to promote the use of iPhones and iPads in Japanese businesses launched in Tokyo on Thursday.

Japanese IOS Software Group to Launch Thursday; NEC, Hitachi May Join

A Japanese group devoted to developing software for the iPhone and iPad is set to launch Thursday, with major domestic firms like Hitachi and NEC mulling...

Canon to Launch Augmented-Reality Platform Based on Head-Mounted Displays

Canon said Monday it will launch a new augmented-reality platform that uses head-mounted displays to realistically project virtual images onto real backgrounds.

Sharp to Launch New Android-based User Interface to Differentiate Its Phones

Japan's Sharp said Monday it will release a new user interface for its smartphones in an attempt to differentiate them from the Android masses.

Samsung Display Production Briefly Halted Due to Power Outage

Samsung is restoring production at a flat-panel display factory that briefly lost power Thursday evening, but is still unsure of what effects the outage will...

Japan's Tomy to Launch Little Robot Dogs, Boxers With Motion Controls

Japanese game and toy maker Tomy is showing a host of innovative controls for its new products on display at the International Tokyo Toy Show.

Panasonic to Launch Smartphones in Japan That Sync With Rice Cookers, TVs

Panasonic will launch smartphones that sync with its household appliances, including its ovens and rice cookers, from this summer.

Japan's Fuji Xerox Sends Staff to Tsunami-Hit Area to Digitize Damaged Documents

Japanese copy machine maker Fuji Xerox on Tuesday sent a group of employees to a city hit hard by last year's killer tsunami, to help digitize documents damaged...

Sony to Launch Cell Analysis Device Based on Its Blu-ray Laser Technology

Sony said Monday it will launch a new medical device that uses its Blu-ray optics technology to analyze and sort different types of cells.

NTT DoCoMo Turns Tower Records Japan Into Subisidiary

NTT DoCoMo said Monday it will increase its share in Tower Records Japan, turning the music vendor into a subsidiary in a push to expand its line of mobile...