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Hand-warmer Mouse? iPhone Proximity Alarm? Pen Phone? Why Not?

It started with the "iWarm," a computer mouse with a rechargeable, removable hand warmer attached, and inspired other accessories.

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Can't Find the Gadgets You Want? Here Are the Parts to Build Your Own

At the massive Computex exhibition in Taipei this week, hundreds of vendors hawk shiny new tablets, phones and computers.

Charge Your Phone, With Your Other Phone

A Taiwanese company is demonstrating two-way touch charging this week at the Computex exhibition, using a new chip that allows two people to share one phone's...

ViewSonic to Challenge Wacom in Drawable LCD Screens, Readying 32-inch Pen-on-display

For the growing community of artists and designers that draw directly on touch-sensitive screens, workspace is a major factor, and monitor maker ViewSonic is...

Emergency Mobile Phone Runs on Single AA Battery, Stows for 15 Years

The phone doesn't have a charging port, or any ports at all. It doesn't even have a screen.

Sony Announces Host of Features Linking Vita, PlayStation 3

Sony on Tuesday announced a host of new services that link up its handheld PlayStation Vita with its PlayStation 3 game console.

ARM Server Built by Taiwanese Manufacturer MiTAC Revealed

ARM on Tuesday showed a server using its processors built by Taiwanese manufacturer MiTAC, which will join U.S. makers Dell and Hewlett-Packard in producing...

Sony Signs up HTC to Make Devices That Can Run PlayStation Games

Sony said Tuesday that Taiwanese manufacturer HTC will produce devices that can run PlayStation games, the first time Sony has allowed an outside company to do...

LTE Spectrum Fragmentation Can Be Easily Resolved, Says NTT DoCoMo Exec

Mobile operators should use their current frequency bands for 4G services to avoid spectrum fragmentation, a problem that has plagued Apple and other...

Panasonic: TVs Must Become Interactive Portals to Survive

Televisions must evolve to become fully interactive and connected to online services in order to keep their position at the center of the home, a Panasonic...

Taiwan Will End Korean AMOLED Screen Monopoly This Year, Says Trade Group

Taiwanese screen manufacturers are shipping samples of AMOLED screens and will begin mass production in the third-quarter of this year, an official at a local...

Kyocera Launches Speakerless Phone, Uses Vibrations to Transmit Sound to the Ear

Kyocera is demonstrating a new mobile phone that uses vibrations in its screen to transmit sound to the ear, in place of the traditional receiver speaker.

NTT DoCoMo Shows Tablet-based Virtual Shared Spaces, Two-way Clear Touchscreen

NTT DoCoMo, Japan's largest mobile operator, is developing a new platform that allows two remote tablet users to explore and share a virtual space.

Nintendo Applauds First Criminal Arrest in Japan for Selling DS Flashcarts

Japanese game maker Nintendo applauded the first arrest of and criminal charges against a Japanese individual for selling devices that allow illegal copies of...

TED Head: Online Video, Education Platform Are the Future

The head of TED, the organizer of conferences around brainy presentations on a wide variety of subjects, says online video will continue to play a central role...

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