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Jay Alabaster is a reporter for IDG News Service based in Tokyo.

Windows 8 Release Preview Set for Early June

The latest pre-release version of the Windows 8 operating system will become available during the first week of June, a Microsoft executive said Tuesday.

New Sony Projector Can Show, Record Notes Scribbled Onto the Screen

Sony said Monday it will sell a projector that displays and saves notes scribbled onto the images it projects.

Fujitsu Launches Big Data Software Suite, Targets US$1 Billion in Yearly Sales

Fujitsu said Monday it will release a set of software suite tools aimed at processing and analyzing huge sets of diverse information known as big data.

Sony to Launch 5GB Online Photo Sharing Service Next Week

Sony said Friday it will launch its online photo sharing service, "PlayMemories Online," next week.

HTC Rejigs Smartphone With TV, WiMAX, Cute Email for Japanese Market

HTC announced Friday a smartphone designed specifically for the Japanese market, compatible with the country's TV broadcasts for mobiles, touch payment system...

Panasonic Team to Lug Solar-charged Batteries up Mt. Fuji, Live-stream Eclipse

Panasonic will broadcast live a solar eclipse next month over Japan from the top of Mount Fuji, using batteries that are charged at the base using solar power...

Sony Releases Developer Tools for Hardware-independent PlayStation Games

Sony has released a set of programming tools for its PlayStation Suite, a new push to expand the PlayStation platform beyond the company's own gaming consoles...

Sharp to Sell 80-inch LCD TV, Japan's Largest Retail Set, for US$12,000

Sharp said Wednesday it will sell an 80-inch LCD TV in Japan, the largest such set available through retail in the country.

Japan Picks Eight Tsunami-battered Regions for Smart City Projects

The Japanese government will provide assistance to eight cities that were heavily damaged in last year's earthquake and tsunami to rebuild using "smart city"...

Sony Unveils Digital Media Hub for PlayStation, PC, Tablet, Phone Lines

The device allows users to watch and record TV broadcasts using software on PlayStation consoles or Vaio TVs, and to access recorded shows from portable devices.

Toshiba to Buy IBM's Retail Point-of-Sale Business for US$850 Million

Toshiba said Tuesday it will purchase IBM's retail point-of-sale (POS) business for US$850 million, with the Japanese company taking over the hardware business...

Japan's Sharp Begins Mass Production of IGZO Displays Amid Rumors of Apple Use

Sharp said Friday it has begun mass production of displays using IGZO (indium, gallium, zinc) technology, which analysts have said is a prime candidate for use...

New Sony CEO Vows Return to Prominence

Sony's new CEO wants to bring back the magic.

Japanese ATMs to Use Palm Readers in Place of Cash Cards

A Japanese bank will introduce ATMs that use palm scanners in place of cash cards, it said Wednesday.

NEC Launches Software to Quickly Find Video Clips in Large Archives

NEC has begun sales of new software to quickly find video clips in large archives, which is well-suited for finding illegal content on video sharing websites, it...