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Jay Alabaster is a reporter for IDG News Service based in Tokyo.

Women Entrepreneurs Don't Want Any Special Treatment in Asian Startup Scene

Tucked among the mostly male entrepreneurs at a bustling conference for startups this week in Singapore are a number of aspiring women CEOs, but most would...

Microsoft Wooing Startups to Its Platforms With Free Software, Business Advice

Jun Kim, the young co-founder of a Korean software house, was recently approached by a representative from Amazon, who offered him a US$200 credit to develop on...

Android-controlled Hug Jacket Still Needs a Bit of Work

The perfect hug.

Japanese Government Issues Google Rare Public Reminder of Privacy Laws

Two Japanese ministries issued a rare public reminder to Google about the country's privacy laws, just as the search giant rolled out its controversial new...

Startup Wants to Peek Through the Wired Cameras in Your Home, Sell the Data

The little cameras in your home are multiplying. There are the ones you bought, perhaps your SLR or digital camera, but also those that just kind of show up in...

Japan's Largest Mobile Carrier Invests US$14 Million in Eye-Fi

NTT DoCoMo, Japan's largest mobile operator, said Wednesday it had invested US$14 million in Eye-Fi, the maker of Wi-Fi-enabled memory cards.

Company Makes Watches That Reward You for Workouts

How much would you work out for $10?

Startup Scene in Singapore Not Quite Silicon Valley

The growing startup scene in southeast Asia is a bit different than its counterpart in Silicon Valley.

Sony: 1.2 Million PlayStation Vita Handhelds Sold Worldwide

Sony said it has sold 1.2 million units of its new Vita handheld game console worldwide as of Sunday, after a boost from the device's launch in the U.S.

Elpida, World's Third-largest DRAM Maker, Files for Bankruptcy

Elpida Memory, the world's third-largest DRAM maker, filed for bankruptcy Monday in a Tokyo court, saying it had accumulated debts of 448 billion yen (US$5.5...

Toshiba and SanDisk Shrink 128Gbit Memory Chips

Toshiba said Thursday it has shrunk the size of its 128Gbit NAND flash memory chips, in the race to bring more and tinier storage to products like USB storage...

NEC Casio Mobile to Venture Outside Japan With Smartphones: First Stop Thailand

NEC Casio Mobile Communications will begin selling smartphones outside its home market of Japan, with Thailand as its first target, it said Wednesday.

Panasonic Reveals Thin, Waterproof Mobile Phone for Re-entry Into European Market

Panasonic on Tuesday revealed its first mobile handset for the international market since 2005, a sleek Android-powered smartphone that is dust and waterproof.

Sony Takes the Long View With its New PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita launches Wednesday in the U.S. and Europe amid Sony's biggest sales event in recent memory.

Nintendo Says It Has Sold 5 Million 3DS Consoles in Japan, Overcoming Slow Start

Nintendo said Monday that it has sold 5 million 3DS handheld game consoles in Japan, which it says makes the device the country's fastest-selling game platform.