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Jay Alabaster is a reporter for IDG News Service based in Tokyo.

NEC to Acquire Convergys Data Management Business for US$449 Million

NEC will acquire the information management business of Convergys for about US$449 million, to strengthen its telecommunications software products targeted at...

Toshiba to Launch Camera SD Cards With Wi-Fi File Sharing in U.S. From Summer

Toshiba will launch its new line of Wi-Fi enabled SD memory cards in the U.S. from summer, a company executive said Thursday, in a challenge to established...

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NEC to Add Mini Earthquake Sensors to Its Cloud-based Device Platform

NEC said Wednesday it will add small earthquake sensors to the growing set of devices that work on its cloud-based network platform.

Fujitsu Tech Can Tell When You're Stressed on the Phone, Vulnerable to Scams

Japanese technology giant Fujitsu said it has developed a system that can determine when someone is being targeted by a phone scam.

Hundreds of Apple Faithful Line up in Tokyo for Launch of New iPad

Hundreds lined up in Tokyo, some for a day and a half, for a chance to buy Apple's new iPad early Friday.

Second Japanese Carrier Launches High-speed LTE Mobile Data Network

EMobile, a Japanese mobile provider, on Thursday launched the country's second LTE network for high-speed mobile data access.

Toshiba to Launch SD Memory Cards With 90MBs Write Speeds This Year

Toshiba will launch high-speed SD memory cards this year in Japan and abroad that can read data at up to 95MB per second and write at 90MB per second.

A Year After Killer Tsunami, Sony Factory Faces Tough Reality

Electronics factories throughout the region were disrupted by the magnitude-9.0 earthquake and deadly tsunamis, but few took the damage like Sony's Sendai Technology Center, located less than a mile from the sea.

Women Entrepreneurs Don't Want Any Special Treatment in Asian Startup Scene

Tucked among the mostly male entrepreneurs at a bustling conference for startups this week in Singapore are a number of aspiring women CEOs, but most would...

Microsoft Wooing Startups to Its Platforms With Free Software, Business Advice

Jun Kim, the young co-founder of a Korean software house, was recently approached by a representative from Amazon, who offered him a US$200 credit to develop on...

Android-controlled Hug Jacket Still Needs a Bit of Work

The perfect hug.

Japanese Government Issues Google Rare Public Reminder of Privacy Laws

Two Japanese ministries issued a rare public reminder to Google about the country's privacy laws, just as the search giant rolled out its controversial new...

Startup Wants to Peek Through the Wired Cameras in Your Home, Sell the Data

The little cameras in your home are multiplying. There are the ones you bought, perhaps your SLR or digital camera, but also those that just kind of show up in...

Japan's Largest Mobile Carrier Invests US$14 Million in Eye-Fi

NTT DoCoMo, Japan's largest mobile operator, said Wednesday it had invested US$14 million in Eye-Fi, the maker of Wi-Fi-enabled memory cards.

Company Makes Watches That Reward You for Workouts

How much would you work out for $10?