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Jay Alabaster is a reporter for IDG News Service based in Tokyo.

Toshiba demos 'Lytro chip,' converts phones to light-field cameras

The modules, which could be in phones next year, can accurately calculate depth and change focus points after photos are shot.

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SD cards for SeeQVault DRM standard coming from Toshiba

Toshiba, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic intend SeeQVault to control the use and copying of HD content stored on flash memory.

Sony's $499 Xperia Tablet Z arrives in second quarter

Sony's Xperia Tablet Z will go on sale globally in the second quarter, priced from $499 in the U.S.

A Japanese news broadcast shows the cat where a hacker allegedly planted evidence for police.

Japan gets a crash course in cybersecurity, from LOLcats to remote hacks and viruses

National TV anchors struggle through explanations of the Tor anonymity network, while newspapers run detailed graphics on remote hacking software and the national police warn against using obscure online tools known as Syberian Post Offices.

Sony trims PlayStation Vita price by one-third in Japan

Sony said Monday it will slash the price of its PlayStation Vita handheld game consoles by up to a third in Japan, weeks after it cut its sales target for the device following weak holiday sales.

Buffalo sets February launch date for 'world's fastest' external PC hard drive

Buffalo Technology has set the end of this month as the launch date for its DriveStation DDR external hard disk enclosure, which uses a 1GB DRAM cache to achieve what Buffalo says is the world's fastest transfer speed.

Russian dashboard cameras reveal stunning video of explosive meteor

As jumbled news reports of what appeared to be a meteor shower over Russia trickled out of the country, some of the best views of what happened were from the dashboards of Russian cars.

Research firm: Apple Japan's top phone maker in 2012

Apple sold more phones in Japan than any other manufacturer last year, rising above local manufacturers for the first time, according to a research firm.

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Panasonic improves color capture by digital cameras

Panasonic has developed a new way to drastically increase the color and light sensitivity of digital cameras including those used in smartphones.

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Rakuten, Japan's 'Amazon,' launches U.S. brand, the former Buy.com

Visitors to what used to be Buy.com will see changes on the front page this week—including a pronunciation guide for its new name.

Nintendo slashes Wii U sales goal by 27 percent, cuts 3DS target

Nintendo's new Wii U console had a tough holiday launch, and its 3DS handheld continues to struggle.


Sony sells its US headquarters

Sony will sell its U.S. headquarters to raise $685 million in cash, parting ways with an iconic New York building it has occupied for 20 years.

Nintendo to combine portable, home console development teams

The Japanese gamemaker will reorganize its hardware development for the first time in nine years

Toshiba to launch 20-megapixel image chip for digital cameras

Toshiba is preparing a 20-megapixel image sensor for digital cameras that it says will be the highest resolution of its kind.

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Instagram faces class action lawsuit for updated terms of service

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Instagram over the company's controversial update to its terms of service last week.