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Jay Nelson is a printing, design, and publishing industry veteran. As editor and publisher of Design Tools Monthly for 21 years, he chronicled publishing's evolution from manual paste-up to iPads. He loves fonts and font technology, manages PhotoLesa.com and publishes e-books at TheSkinnyBooks.com.

Adobe InDesign CC

InDesign CC 2014 review: Better e-book tools, easier workflows

The latest version of Adobe's desktop publishing program features much-needed features for creating ePub documents.

Review: InDesign CC boosts ePub features, font menus

InDesign CC boasts improved ePub features, better font menus, and performance enhancements, but offers few truly new features.

Font free-for-all: Where to get free and low-cost fonts

High-quality fonts don't have to be expensive. We've compiled a number of resources to pave your way to font independence.

Festive Fonts for Holiday Greetings

Fonts and dingbats for the holiday season don't have to look like they came from 50-year-old greeting cards or wrapping paper. Some of Jay Nelson's favorites this year are modern and quirky, while others are more old-fashioned—but with a twist.

Font Tips: Printing Type Samples

When choosing a typeface to use for a project, there is no replacement for a printed type specimen. Fonts just look different when you see them in print...

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Verdana Pro: Not Just Another Pretty Face

The typeface Verdana was released in 1996 as an easy-to-read font for Websites, and in the intervening years, it has been used and misused in just about every...

TypeStyler X (v.10.6)

TypeStyler is more than 20 years old, and to employ an overused but apt phrase, this version is definitely not your father's TypeStyler. The type-effects...

Safe Fonts: Conquering the Cross-platform Divide

If you share documents across platforms, you have probably experienced some common font issues--fonts that are missing or lines of text that wrap differently...

Explore Your Font Characters

A few weeks ago, while visiting the National Archives in Washington, D.C., I had the privilege of viewing the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution...

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Fonts in the Wild

One of the greatest thrills of a font designer is to see their font being used in a prominent place: a TV show, a commercial, billboard, or--even more...

Scary Fonts

El Día de los Muertos--Day of the Dead or All Hallows Eve--Halloween.

Adios Script: a Smart Font

When the OpenType font format was announced more than 12 years ago, one of its most promising features was a new level of intelligence built into the font. The...

GridIron Flow 1.0

GridIron Flow is a groundbreaking application--there has never been anything like it. This visual workflow manager uses a simple interface to show you important...

FontExplorer X Pro 2.0

FontExplorer X Pro 2.0.1 is the most advanced, feature-complete font-management tool I've ever seen--and I've used almost all...