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Amazon Prime Instant Video Grows Again, Still No Match for Netflix

Amazon has announced a licensing agreement with Warner Bros. TV.


BBC to Test Ultra High-Definition TV at London 2012 Olympics

BBC and NHK will use the world's only Super Hi-Vision equipment to film a variety of Olympic sports and broadcast them to the public.


Google Fiber Network Coming July 26

Google's 1Gbit-per-second broadband network is ready...if you live in Kansas City, that is.

New 7-Inch Nook will Reportedly Have 'Revolutionary' Screen

Seven-inch tablet rumors are hot right now. Here's the latest one: Barnes & Noble will release a new Nook tablet with a "revolutionary" screen.

Android, iOS Called Dominant Smartphones

Google's Android and Apple's iOS account for 86 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, leaving other operating systems in the dust.

New iPod Nano: Shapeshifting One More Time?

According to one Japanese blog, the upcoming nano will return to the sleek-and-slim design of its 4thi and 5th-generation predecessors.


Google Nexus 7 Tablet on Sale: Staples Takes Pre-Orders

The office supply chain expects to ship the tablet on July 12. It's selling only the 16GB version--for $249.

Best Buy Copies the Apple Store

Best Buy is reportedly trying out a new look: a smaller, friendlier outlet strongly influenced by Apple's retail stores.


Google Shutting Down 5 More Services

Google will be closing iGoogle, Google Video, Google Talk Chatback, Google Mini, and the Symbian Search App in the near future.

HP's First Window 8 Tablet Will Target Businesses, Not Consumers

Hewlett-Packard's first Windows 8 tablet will be a business-oriented slate running an x86 CPU, not a consumer product running Microsoft's upcoming Windows RT operating system, the company has announced.

Rumor: 10-inch Kindle Fire Coming

Both the 7- and 10-inch models are said to use a metal casing rather than the plastic body found on the first-gen model.

Google Nexus 7 is Lightest of Leading 7-inch Tablets

Google says its Nexus 7 is thin and light, and it is correct.

Toshiba Caves to Industry Pressure, Cancels Call for 'National No-Print Day'

Intended to be a green gesture, the event was canceled after a loud outcry from printing industry trade groups, which called it "ill-conceived."

Sony, Panasonic May Partner on OLED TVs

Both firms are seeking something splashy after a tough year, and reports suggest they plan a partnership building OLED TV sets.


Video Viewing Up On Tablets and Phones, Down On PCs

The trend toward mobile video viewing will no doubt continue as more consumers buy tablets, Wi-Fi hotspots proliferate, and cellular carriers upgrade networks.