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Amazon Prime Instant Video Grows Again, Still No Match for Netflix

Amazon has announced a licensing agreement with Warner Bros. TV.


BBC to Test Ultra High-Definition TV at London 2012 Olympics

BBC and NHK will use the world's only Super Hi-Vision equipment to film a variety of Olympic sports and broadcast them to the public.


Google Fiber Network Coming July 26

Google's 1Gbit-per-second broadband network is ready...if you live in Kansas City, that is.

New 7-Inch Nook will Reportedly Have 'Revolutionary' Screen

Seven-inch tablet rumors are hot right now. Here's the latest one: Barnes & Noble will release a new Nook tablet with a "revolutionary" screen.

Android, iOS Called Dominant Smartphones

Google's Android and Apple's iOS account for 86 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, leaving other operating systems in the dust.

New iPod Nano: Shapeshifting One More Time?

According to one Japanese blog, the upcoming nano will return to the sleek-and-slim design of its 4thi and 5th-generation predecessors.


Google Nexus 7 Tablet on Sale: Staples Takes Pre-Orders

The office supply chain expects to ship the tablet on July 12. It's selling only the 16GB version--for $249.

Best Buy Copies the Apple Store

Best Buy is reportedly trying out a new look: a smaller, friendlier outlet strongly influenced by Apple's retail stores.


Google Shutting Down 5 More Services

Google will be closing iGoogle, Google Video, Google Talk Chatback, Google Mini, and the Symbian Search App in the near future.

HP's First Window 8 Tablet Will Target Businesses, Not Consumers

Hewlett-Packard's first Windows 8 tablet will be a business-oriented slate running an x86 CPU, not a consumer product running Microsoft's upcoming Windows RT operating system, the company has announced.