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When the iPad 3 Arrives, What Will Happen to the iPad 2?

If recent rumors about Apple's imminent tablet plans are true, the third-generation iPad will arrive sometime between February and April 2012.

Black Friday at Midnight: One Shopper's Tale of Woe

Confessions of a Black Friday marauder in a quest for a $39.99 Blu-ray player at Best Buy in the middle of the night.

Black Friday: Update Your Parents' Browser Day?

Could Black Friday become the unofficial day to update your parent's browser? Some are hoping it does.

Why Are LCD TV Prices Falling? You're Not Buying, That's Why

Slumping demand in Western Europe and North America are primarily to blame for the poor performance of sales of LCD TV panels, an analyst says.


Boxee Live TV: Another Way to Stick It to the (Cable) Man

Boxee Live TV lets you import shows from local broadcast stations.


Tablets Top Holiday Wishlists This Year, Says Survey

Planning to give a laptop as a holiday gift? Maybe you should pick up a tablet, instead.

LG Could Debut Google TV at CES

An LG-branded TV could help Google's ambitious effort to bring Internet content to your television, an undertaking that has failed to garner consumer interest since its launch.


Inkgard Software and Cartridges Provide Variable Benefit

Want your ink cartridge to last longer? Inkgard sells an app for that--but its remanufactured cartridges' variable yields make the benefit uncertain.

Report: $79 Amazon Kindle Costs $84 to Make

Amazon loses money on its hardware, but makes it up through book, game, music, video, and app sales.

It's a Good Time to Try Amazon Prime

If you haven't tried Amazon Prime in the past 13 months, now is a good time to check it out--for free.

Google TV Gets Its First Porn Channel

Vivid Entertainment has unveiled Google TV's first porn channel.