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My Brawny Desktop Can Whip Your Wimpy Laptop

Think the PC is dead? You are so wrong.

Rumor: Apple to Launch 'iPad Mini' in 2012

Here's a new rumor that's been around for awhile: Apple is working on a miniature tablet.

Cheap Laptops: It's Bangladesh's Turn

India isn't the only nation building a low-cost laptop.

Survey: Is Black Friday Losing Its Luster?

An Accenture survey shows less than half of consumers plan to shop on Black Friday.

Tech, Political Leaders Respond to Steve Jobs' Death

Tech and political leaders give their condolences.

New iPhone 4S: Top 5 Letdowns

Apple's new iPhone 4S is impressive--but not that impressive.

An Easier Way to Keep Spotify From Sharing Your Musical Tastes On Facebook

Spotify has introduced a "private listening" feature for users who don't want their musical choices blasted all over the social network.

Kindle Touch Looks Like a Winner at $99

Let's take a look at what else Amazon announced Wednesday: three new e-readers, including the $99 Kindle Touch.

Kobo Pulse: eReading is Sharing

Not sharing enough online? Now you can share your eReading habits!

Amazon, Barnes & Noble Tablets should be Holiday Stars

Gift buyers may like what they see in the new Amazon and B&N tablets, particularly if rumors about the devices' sizes, specs, and prices hold true.

SNL's Andy Samberg Opens F8 Keynote with 'Zuck Dawg' Impersonation

Samberg opened the F8 developer's conference posing as Mark Zuckerberg and gave a seven-minute riff on some fake Facebook features.

Windows Phone 7 'Mango' to Arrive Within Two Weeks

The long-awaited 'Mango' update is coming...soon.

Many People Still Don't Know Windows Phone 7 Exists

Windows Phone 7 is slowly gaining market share, but a whopping 45 percent of consumers have no idea what it is.

A Third of Us Would Rather Text Than Talk, Survey Says

Thirty-one percent of cellphone users prefer getting text messages.