Local Deals Come to Amazon Kindle With Special Offers

Kindle With Special Offers users will soon be able to buy Groupon-like local deals.

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Amazon's Color Slate: Tablet or eReader?

The eagerly anticipated device defies existing categories.

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Tablets, Phones to Surpass PCs for Internet Use in Four Years

According to research firm IDC, the number of U.S. mobile Internet users will surpass wired counterparts by 2015.

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Kindle DX: When Does the Fire Sale Start?

The Kindle DX is quickly being priced out of its market, so when will Amazon slash its price?

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Is 3D TV Doomed?

Whether it's the goofy glasses or the cost of a new HDTV, 3D on TV seems to be sputtering.

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Google Takeout Tool Now Archives Voice Data

Use Google Takeout to get a downloadable backup file of information from your Google Voice, Google+, Buzz, and/or Picasa accounts.

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Nook Color 2 Coming This Month?

Digitimes reports that Barnes & Noble will debut its second-gen Nook Color this month.

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Google's Chrome Turns Three: How Fast They Grow (And Grab Market Share)

It's hard to believe that Google's Chrome browser debuted just three short years ago.

New Kindle Feature Lets You Ask Authors Questions

So which is it--the Lady or the Tiger? Just ask the author!

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Goodbye, Netflix DVDs...Hello, Redbox

Netflix's price hike goes into effect Sept. 1--time to cancel that DVD subscription!

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Amazon Tablet Will Be First True iPad Challenger, Research Firm Predicts

ForresterResearch says an Amazon-branded slate priced below $300 would be a huge hit--selling 3- to 5-million units in the fourth quarter alone, assuming Amazon has enough supply to meet demand.

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Go Ahead, Tweet About Your Bromance, says Merriam-Webster

Tech changes the English language again, as new terms enter our conversations and -- officially -- the dictionary.

Half of American Adults Use Social Networks, says Pew Survey

Sixty-five percent of adult Internet users are active on social networks, up from 61 percent a year ago. The biggest boom is among ages 50 to 64.

Google Maps Adds Voice Search to Chrome Desktop

Google has added voice search for Google Maps to Chrome, offering users a (sometimes) faster way to get directions.

Sorry, You Can't Blame Social Networks for Teens' Drinking and Drugging

The latest survey by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse says teens who spend time on social networks are more likely to drink, smoke, and take drugs. But social networks aren't causing this behavior.