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Netflix vs. Hulu: Who's Watching What, and Where

Netflix users and Hulu users are pretty different, it turns out.


U.S. Adults Love Video-Sharing Sites, Pew Says

Video sharing: not just for kids anymore.


AT&T is Bringing Gingerbread to Android Phones -- At Last!

AT&T is finally upgrading its Android phones to Gingerbread.


Google Nexus S Comes to AT&T July 24

The pretty Nexus S will be available to AT&T customers for $100 on July 24


Is the Apple iPod On Its Way Out?

As sales dwindle, what's to become of the standalone MP3 player?

Will Facebook's Low Satisfaction Score Help Google+?

The 2011 American Customer Satisfaction Index report is out, and Facebook's scores are in the cellar.

Google Websites Get Their Own Official URL Shortcut:

Google Monday announced a new URL shortener that only links to official Google products and services.

12 Top Tech Rumors We Hope Will (and Won't) Come True

When tech rumors fly, we either say "Want!" or "Don't bother." See whether you agree with our take on the probability of each of these 12 rumors involving the Microsoft Kinect, Google Chrome OS, Windows 8, iPhone 5, and other products.

Will Bill Gates Build Toilet 2.0?

Gates' latest philanthropic project is bringing sanitation facilities to people in Kenya.

Amazon, AT&T Announce Ad-Supported Kindle 3G for $139

Amazon now has a 3G version of its "Kindle With Special Offers"


HTC Status 'Facebook' Phone Arrives July 17 for $50

Facebook-addicts, listen up: your phone is almost here.


G&G Ink Refill Kit: Maximum Hassle, Poor Printouts

An ink explosion, so-so output, and a balky printer mar this DIY ink-refill experiment.

Toshiba Thrive Tablet Comes to Best Buy July 10

The Wi-Fi Android tablet should draw interest of Android phone users with its ready ports.


Next iPhone: Thinner, Lighter, Better Camera, Report Says

Details continue to slip out about the next-generation iPhone, including a manufacturing push for a third-quarter release.


Google to Rename Picasa, Blogger, Reports Say

Rebranding the Web services will bring them under one identity and prepare for their integration with Google+.