Apple iPad 3: An October Surprise?

With super high screen resolution, iPad 3 is expected to be a humdinger of a tablet with a killer display that puts the iPad 2 to shame.


HTC Facebook Phone Coming to AT&T, Telus

Facebook junkies, rejoice.


Two New iPhones? Three Reasons It Won't Happen

Will Apple introduce two new iPhone in August or September? Probably not.


E-Reader Use Doubles in Six Months, Tablets Grow at Slower Pace

U.S. consumers are adopting e-readers like the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook at a faster pace than the adoption rate of tablet PCs.


Your Cable Box Is An Extreme Energy Hog

A new study estimates that U.S. consumers spent $2 billion a year to power set-top boxes that are sitting idle.


Google Kills Off Health, PowerMeter Services

Google is shuttering two services that didn't catch on the way they'd hoped.

You'll Tap-and-Pay Within a Year, Says Google's Schmidt

NFC mobile wallet services will be ready within 12 months.


Radical New iPhone 5? Don't Bet On It

If it's not broken, Apple's probably not gonna fix it.


How Kindle Can Still Beat Nook

Advice for Amazon on its e-book strategy -- and these changes will please customers.


Four Safer Ways to Pay Online

Worried about hackers snagging your credit card info? Taking a few precautionary steps can go a long way in protecting your account.

Mobile Wallet? Most Consumers Yawn

NFC technology and paying for things with your smartphone is a hot topic these days...just not among consumers.


Google Adds Voice Search to Chrome Browser

You can now speak your queries

Office Depot Has Fastest Email Support, Study Says

Want a quick response from customer service? Email Office Depot.

Wanted: MacBook Air with Backlit Keyboard

Customers, pundits alike lobby for a backlit keyboard in the next version of Apple's super-skinny laptop.


A Bike that Hovers? Australian says he's Building it

An Australian inventor with a futuristic creative streak is building a bike that he says can fly at high speed while hovering above the ground at low altitudes.