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Front-Lit Amazon Kindle to Debut in July?

Reuters reports that a front-lit version of its Kindle eReader will launch in July 2012.

Good News! OLED TV Prices Will Fall Fast

OLED TVs may debut for around $8000, but those prices will drop to $2300 in two years, research firm predicts.


Angry Birds Reaches 1 Billion Downloads

Rovio's popular bird-flinging games have been downloaded 1 billion times.

Multi-User Support for iPad On the Way?

iPads are often shared among family members, so multi-user support would be incredibly helpful.

Kindle Fire Sales Didn't Collapse in The First Quarter of 2012, Research Group Says

The media misread the data, an NDC analyst explains.

Toilets and Tablets: A Match Made in the Bathroom?

A nation's well-documented fondness for bathroom reading expands to include the world of tablets.

Dell: Ultrabook Sales Better Than Expected

Dell's XPS 13 is selling better than expected, the company says.

Google Translate Has More than 200 Million Active Users

Google Translate translates "roughly as much text as you'd find in 1 million books," Google says.


Apple is Headed for a Fall, Says Forrester CEO

According to Forrester, Apple's best days are behind it.

You Love Your Tablet -- Now it's Official

Research reveals users have a stronger emotional bond with their slates than they do with other consumer devices.

Is the Next iPhone Coming in October? Of Course

We won't see the latest iPhone until the fall, a Piper Jaffray analyst predicts.

Cube 3D: A 3D Printer for the Home

3D Systems is pitching its Cube 3D printer as the "first consumer 3D printer for children ages 8 to 80 years."

Bing Translator App Gets Cool Augmented Reality Tool

This is the most practical use of AR to date: a translator app that lets you point at printed language and translate it.

The New Kindle Touch Upgrade: How to Get It Now

The upgrade will roll out over Wi-Fi during the next several weeks but why wait? We show you how to get it now.

Sony's SmartWatch Brings Android to the Wrist

Sony's new SmartWatch allows you to check smartphone information without taking your phone out of your bag or pocket.