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Amazon Will Now Buy Your CDs

Got a lot of dusty CDs that you want to get rid of? See what Amazon's new CD purchase in its Trade-In store will give you for them.

Toshiba's 13-Incher: When is a Tablet Too Big?

Will Toshiba's Excite 13 induce arm and neck pain?

Kindle Rumors Hint at Major Upgrade in the Works

Will the next generation of Amazon's Kindle eReaders feature dramatic innovation such as color or a lighted display?

You're Spending Less on Tech

Consumers are cutting tech costs, a CEA study reports.

Skype: Voice Trumps Facebook, Twitter, SMS

A new Skype ad campaign touts the benefits of voice and video calling.

'Angry Birds' Video Series, Feature Film in the Works

Angry Birds will soon be flying onto screens both big and small.

Report: LG OLED TV to Debut in May for $8K

Get ready to take out a second mortgage on the home--LG will reportedly be debuting its 55-inch OLED TV in May for $8000.


The Nokia Lumia 900: How to Get it for Free

Microsoft and Nokia hope the well-equipped Lumia 900 will finally get U.S. smartphone customers to take a serious look at Windows Phone, an impressive mobile operating system that hasn't had much luck gaining market share.

Why Hasn't the Kindle Fire Gone Global?

If Amazon's tablet is so popular, why is it only available in the United States?

Google Play Gets Nav Bar Visibility

Google Play is now easier to find.

Sports Fans: Smartphones Make You Rude

More than half of device-toting sports fans sneak a peek at the score during dinner.

Microsoft Says Windows Phone Will Outsell iPhone in China

Microsoft talks smack at the Windows Phone 7.5 launch in China.

iPad Heat Could be Bad News for Sperm

The iPad is yet another tech gadget that guys should keep away from their crotch.

Free at Last? FAA Reconsiders Ban on Gadgets During Takeoff, Landing

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is rethinking its policy on digital devices.

Developers Optimize Apps for New Retina Display

Here are a few apps that will look dazzling on the new iPad.