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Android Tablets Will Overtake iPad by 2015, IDC Says

Apple's iPad may be a blockbuster hit, but its success won't stop Android-based slates from leading the market within three years, according to a new IDC study.

Why the 'iPad 2' Isn't Long for this World

What's with Apple's naming strategy?

Google's Latest Easter Egg: Fun for Numeral Nerds

Google gets geeky with its latest Easter egg that will likely only appeal to true number nerds.

Lenovo's Fire-Hazard PC Recall FAQ

The ThinkCentre M70z and ThinkCentre M90z all-in-one desktops have a defective component in the power supply that can overheat. If you might have that model, here's what to do.

Cheaper iPad 2 Is Still No Kindle Fire Competitor

At $399, the older iPad is still twice the cost of Amazon's color tablet. Could Apple have a 7-inch tablet waiting in the wings?

Report: eReader Sales Down -- Way Down

Place Amazon's Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire side by side. Which display looks more dynamic and compelling?

Archos' Child Pad Tablet is $129

Archos' new tablet, targeted at kids, is $129--still a lot for a child's toy.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 on Verizon: One Tab Equals Six Kindle Fires

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 will cost $500 with a two-year contract--totaling $1220 over two years. That's enough to buy six Kindle Fires.

Huawei, The Latest Android Player: Who Are These Guys?

Despite the company's brash marketing and seemingly innovative products, few Americans have heard of the Chinese smartphone company.

Wage Hikes in China, Higher Tech Prices Here?

Some companies are better able to absorb higher manufacturing costs, but they still might pass them along to consumers.