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TVs Are Interesting Again

Big and beautiful TVs earned the most oohs, ahhs, and accolades at CES, including super-slim OLED displays with stunning pictures and prototype wireless TVs that ditch unsightly cords.


Barnes & Noble Nook Now Free -- Sort Of

Subscribe to the service, get the e-Reader essentially free; is this deal alluring enough to snag anyone? Please?

Wacky and Wild Products at CES

SpareOne: This Mobile Phone Holds Its Charge…for 15 Years

The $50 no-frills phone is designed for situations where your primary mobile phone has either lost its charge or isn't available.

Nearly 1 in 3 US Households Owns 4 or More TVs

A new study shows that Americans are still watching TV but more and more young people are finding it online.


LG's Flashy 55-Inch OLED Challenged by Dropping TV Prices

How much are you willing to pay for this beautiful, bleeding-edge OLED display? Is eight times the price of an LCD TV too much?


When Will LG's 84-Inch 4K TV Go Mainstream? Maybe Never

Higher resolution won't make a difference if your TV screen is too tiny to do justice to millions of pixels and your home Internet bandwidth is too slow to deliver the difference.


Volkswagen's After-Hours Blackberry E-mail Ban is a Brilliant Idea

Volkswagen is putting its Blackberry e-mail servers on pause after work hours, allowing employees to escape the 24-Hour work cycle. Sign me up.


Report: Google to Pay Mozilla $300M Annually in Search Deal

To Google, Firefox is reportedly worth $300 million/year for the next three years.

Feeling Witty? Enter Google's Search Caption Challenge

It's not a contest as there are no prizes. Google just wants to stimulate your creativity.

Google's Android Tablet: How Might It Be Different?

Google has high-end aspirations, so its tablet has to deliver on screen resolution, processor power, storage capacity, and camera capability.

5 More Things to Outlaw in Cars

Applying makeup, shaving, and eating while driving can be just as dangerous as talking on a cell phone while maneuvering through rush hour traffic.

Cheap Gift Alert: Kobo's Refurbished $50 E-Reader Sale

The $50 deal is one of those while-supplies-last offers.

Study: Tablet Buyers Use Wi-Fi, Not Cellular Data

Tablet users overwhelmingly prefer to use Wi-Fi rather than cellular data plans.