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Jeff Merron is a writer and editor who wrote full-time for's Page 2 for five years and has contributed to Slate, Consumers Digest,, Information Week, Byte Magazine, and many other national outlets.

Forecasting the Future for The Weather Channel’s IPhone App

App Store patrons have downloaded The Weather Channel's iPhone app more than 3 million times since its November 2008 debut...


IFitness for IPhone

Starting a workout routine, especially at a gym or health club that probably includes sophisticated weight and resistance...


Weather Radar Apps for IPhone

For those who like to follow weather more closely, a fair number dedicated radar apps fill the void.


Predict the weather with this free iPhone app.


Print for IPhone

Print from EuroSmartz is a nifty but limited utility that enables you to print Web pages, photos, and contact information from...



The iPhone allows for a richer, more difficult game of Hangman.

on for IPhone

Most people don't expect much of the person delivering the weather report-- timeliness, a peek beyond the obvious, and of...

IHangman for IPhone

After our round up of three Hangman games found Mobilityware's Hangman 1.7 to be the cream of that small crop, a number of...

The Weather Channel for IPhone

In its infancy, The Weather Channel was little more than a punchline for jokes about the paucity of decent cable TV channels...


Hangman Games for IPhone

Hangman is one of the first word games many children learn: the rules are few and simple, and the game -- which, in its...