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Jeff Vance is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer who focuses on next-generation technology trends.

When will mobile commerce be ready for prime time?

Mobile commerce offers great deal potential, but like many technology trends, it may take time to really catch on. If your business is looking to implement mobile commerce, there are some important factors to consider beyond the technology.

25 Essential Android Business Apps

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5 Key Interop 2012 Takeaways for CIOs and Other IT Pros

As everything from application delivery to security and monitoring is seemingly shifting to the cloud, IT faces a chaotic and difficult to manage world. The good news is the tools are there, but you just can't go to a single provider as you did in the past.

How to Make Android Faster, More Productive and More Secure Than iPhone

Speed up your Android phone, make it more secure, and learn how to boost battery life with these 10 tips.

How the Cloud Democratizes and Complicates Disaster Recovery

When it comes to disaster recovery, the cloud is showing itself to be a mixed bag. The great shift in technology has both lowered the entry barriers for DR technology and given smaller businesses what could be a dangerous sense of false security.

Warning: You May Be an E-hoarder

Hoarding shows are popular these days. Hoarders, Hoarding: Buried Alive, Confessions: Animal Hoarding and on and on.

The Future of Malware

Watch out for whaling, smartphone worms, social media scams, not to mention attacks targeting your car and house.

4 Reasons Windows Phone 7 Will Beat iPhone and Android

Analysis: Microsoft lags in the smartphone market now, but some analysts are bullish about the company's ability to steadily build its market share. Here's why -- as well as Microsoft's challenges.