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Big tech firms will protect your privacy…if it helps the bottom line

Lately, large tech companies have been up in arms against all the NSA spying but only out of fiscal necessity.

TextUs.Biz Receptionist

Receptionist review: App replaces your human receptionist with an iPad

There's a trend in business towards no longer using a full-time receptionist to meet visitors to an office.'s Receptionist allows you to use an iPad, instead.

Are your medical records safe in the cloud? Despite its popularity, there are hidden risks and costs.

Many medical companies have started migrating patient records over to cloud servers to save costs but those savings could be negated by security costs and risks.

New on Netflix, five of 2013's best films

And five more of the best movies from years past just hit the streaming service too.


Illegal online marketplace disappears, along with up to $100 million in Bitcoins

An epic Bitcoin heist has shut down an illegal online marketplace. Sounds like a movie straight out of Hollywood, but this is all too real.

Digital Reading Room: The final chapter

We close out our look at content-rich mobile apps with a round-up of the ones that caught our eye over the last year.

Encryption and security booming in post-Snowden Internet, but will it help or hinder?

Post-Snowden paranoia has opened the door for lots of Internet security solutions - some of which are part of the problem.

All the movies fit to gobble: Your streaming Thanksgiving marathon

Because pumpkin pie tastes better topped with a big ol' dollop of Netflix and Hulu Plus.


Don't let scammers turn Black Friday and Cyber Monday into Regretful Tuesday

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are two of the biggest online shopping days of the year. Scammers are out in force and shoppers using their smartphone might be the most vulnerable.

The weakest link: How the NSA may have hacked Google and Yahoo

Using a new twist on the old techinque of wire tapping, the NSA may have tapped fiber-optic cables to gather information without anyone knowing about it.

Poor security on Obamacare site could sacrifice private info

There are many website issues surrounding Obamacare, but one could compromise our personal data.

Chinese hackers spying on American cloud

A new report suggests that the public cloud may be being utilized by Chinese hackers to get at American data.

Mobile carriers want your phone vulnerable to theft

Technology exists where we can render our smartphones completely useless if it gets stolen, but the phone carriers don’t want us to have it.

Anonymous spying on US government

A private FBI memo suggests that the hacktivist group may have compromised the security of several government agencies.

Cloud adoption carries big risks for companies

Despite serious security concerns, many companies are leaping headfirst into the cloud.