Jeff BardinChief Intelligence Officer, PCWorld

Kindle Rumors Hint at Major Upgrade in the Works

Will the next generation of Amazon's Kindle eReaders feature dramatic innovation such as color or a lighted display?


Simplify Your Social Networking

Tired of clicking all over the Web to see what your friends are up to? With a social network aggregator, all their feeds come straight to you.

Five Cool Places to Play Games Online

Whether you like quiet games of cribbage, the freedom of a flight simulator, or blistering arcade action, you’ll find plenty of fun on the Web.

’Tube Tricks

Save your favorite YouTube videos for offline viewing, build a custom video jukebox, run better searches, and more.


You're Spending Less on Tech

Consumers are cutting tech costs, a CEA study reports.

Skype: Voice Trumps Facebook, Twitter, SMS

A new Skype ad campaign touts the benefits of voice and video calling.

'Angry Birds' Video Series, Feature Film in the Works

Angry Birds will soon be flying onto screens both big and small.

Android Alert: Five Security Threats You Didn’t Know About

Your Android device is vulnerable to a host of security breaches. Here’s how to protect yourself.


Report: LG OLED TV to Debut in May for $8K

Get ready to take out a second mortgage on the home--LG will reportedly be debuting its 55-inch OLED TV in May for $8000.


The Nokia Lumia 900: How to Get it for Free

Microsoft and Nokia hope the well-equipped Lumia 900 will finally get U.S. smartphone customers to take a serious look at Windows Phone, an impressive mobile operating system that hasn't had much luck gaining market share.


Why Hasn't the Kindle Fire Gone Global?

If Amazon's tablet is so popular, why is it only available in the United States?


Google Play Gets Nav Bar Visibility

Google Play is now easier to find.


Protect Your Smartphone from Mobile Malware

Just how real are the threats, and what steps should you take to keep your phone free from infection?


In a World of Multiple Devices, Security Must be Universal

Security isn't just for Windows computers anymore. At least it shouldn't be. Because these days we’re using a wide variety of devices and operating systems. And if you think that the criminals writing and using malware haven't noticed that, think again.


Sports Fans: Smartphones Make You Rude

More than half of device-toting sports fans sneak a peek at the score during dinner.