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Microsoft Office for iOS reviews: The ultimate in iPad and iPhone productivity

Microsoft's flagship products now have a unified interface across all iOS devices, and most creating and editing features are available without an Office 365 subscription.

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Microsoft Word for iOS review: This classic word processor shines on every device

Microsoft's most recent update offers free editing for all, adds Dropbox integration, and now includes an app for your iPhone that you can use to create and edit documents.

powerpoint for ipad hero

Microsoft Office for iOS goes free and full-featured on your iPhone

This latest update syncs your work between your iPhone and iPad and lets anyone create or edit documents — no Office 365 account required.


Top Choice: Our favorite online-based business accounting apps

If you turn to the Web for your business accounting needs, you'll find that the offerings aren't perfect. But you will find apps that have the basic tools to track your finances.

First look: Pages for Mac, iOS, and iCloud

Full and simple file- and feature-compatibility across three separate platforms? What's not to like?


Hands-on: iWork for iCloud beta almost as good as Mac, iOS versions

The new online versions of Apple's productivity-suite apps are surprisingly robust. In fact, they're good enough that you may sometimes forget you're using a Web app. Jeffery Battersby has our hands-on preview.

Review: Microsoft's Office Mobile for iPhone app will disappoint most users

Good news: Microsoft finally released an iPhone app for Office. Bad news: It's not the kind of app we were hoping for.

First look: Hands-on with Office Mobile for iPhone

Microsoft's new iOS app does let you open and edit Office documents from your iPhone. But it doesn't let you do much with them.

Calcbot for IPhone and IPad

I'm typically a huge fan of the apps that ship from the folks over at Tapbots--I use Convertbot and Pastebot on a regular basis. But Calcbot, a calculator app...

Stock Genie 2 for IPhone

Straightforward and easy to use, Stock Genie 2 aims to make you money on the stock market by helping you select one stock per day to add to your investment...

Billings Touch for IPhone

I've been on a quest for the last several months, searching for the perfect app to track my consulting time and make it easier for me to send invoices while I'm...


Audubon Guides for IPhone

The National Audubon Society's iPhone Audubon Guides offer access to four major reference tools--Birds, Trees, Wildflowers, and Mammals--as well as several...



Of the several online invoicing and accounting applications I've reviewed recently (which includes Ballpark [ Macworld rated 3 out of 5 mice ], FreshBooks [...

Now X

It's been well over a year-and-a-half since I reviewed Now Up-to-Date & Contact 5.3 ( Macworld rated 3.5 out of 5 mice ) and mentioned that Now Software...