Jennifer Baker Brussels correspondent, IDG News Service

Jennifer Baker reports on the European Union: Commission, Parliament, technology policy, regulation, and competition.

Copyright Holders Dealt Blow in EU Social Networking Case

Copyright holders cannot force social networking sites to install filters to prevent illegal file-sharing the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on Thursday.

EU IT Companies to Get Guidance on Human Rights Issues

European surveillance technologies and mobile phone filtering companies could find themselves in hot water if they fail to respect human rights. Meanwhile two...

Boost for Wireless in Europe as More Spectrum Is Made Available

Wireless broadband gets a boost in Europe after the European Parliament on Wednesday voted in favor of reallocating radio spectrum frequencies.

EU Approves Google-Motorola Deal

European regulators have given Google the green light to take over Motorola, but concerns linger over how neutral Google will be in licensing its newly acquired...

EU Parliament Chief Speaks out Against ACTA

The head of the European Parliament has spoken out against the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) as thousands took to the streets across...

EU to Stengthen Its Cybersecurity Watchdog

A push by European authorities to strengthen the European Union's cyber security watchdog has been given a green light by parliamentarians.

Opposition to ACTA Swells in Europe

A British member of the European Parliament has been given the job of evaluating the controversial ACTA agreement as more European countries shy away from the...

Leaked EU Memo Highlights Concerns Over Data Retention Law

Digital rights groups in Europe have called for a ban on blanket data retention after a leaked internal memo from the European Commission admitted that there are...

Google Won't Delay New Privacy Policy Despite EU Concerns

Google does not plan to delay its new privacy policy despite calls from Europe's data protection watchdog.

SOPA's Big Brother Signed by EU Nations Amid Widespread Protests

The European Union signed up to the controversial Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) on Thursday despite widespread opposition, particularly in Poland...

Europe Pledges €10m for Cloud Computing Partnership

One year after announcing her intention to develop a European Cloud Computing Strategy, Europe's Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes has made a first cash...

EU Regulators Drop Legal Case After UK Implements EPrivacy Legislation

European regulators have dropped a legal case against the United Kingdom over failure to implement ePrivacy laws saying that changes in UK legislation mean it is...

Europe's Proposed New Data Laws Called a Burden on Business

Europe's proposed new laws on data protection are burdensome and expensive according to industry representatives.

Internet Users to Get New Rights Under EU Data Protection Proposals

Internet users in the European Union will benefit from greater control over their personal data if new proposals to reform the Data Protection Directive are...