Jennifer Baker Brussels correspondent, IDG News Service

Jennifer Baker reports on the European Union: Commission, Parliament, technology policy, regulation, and competition.

Too Much Social Networking Could Lead to Big Brother Fears, Agency Says

Europe’s biggest cyber security agency, ENISA, has warned that social networking could lead to a feeling of being continuously under surveillance and paranoid...

Open-source Proponents Blast Proprietary Software in Dutch Schools

Dutch education authorities have decided to throw out their government’s own open standards policy and instead lock-in to Microsoft proprietary software for...

EU Antitrust Authority Investigates Samsung's Use of Patents Against Apple

The European Union’s top regulatory watchdog has launched an investigation into Samsung over its attempts to block Apple products.

Simulated Cyberattack Unites EU and US Security Experts

Almost 100 computer experts from 16 European countries jointly battled to hold off serious cyber attacks on the European Union’s security agencies and power...

EU Countries Must Devote 800MHz Band to Wireless Broadband by 2013

Europe’s Council of Ministers has said that all European Union countries must make the 800 MHz band available for wireless broadband services by January 1, 2013...

Germany and Romania in Hot Water Over Data Retention

Germany and Romania are caught between a rock and a hard place over data retention.

Iberian Telcos in Hot Water Over Non-compete Agreement

Iberian telco companies Telefónica and Portugal Telecom statement have been accused by the European Commission of anti-competitive practices.

EU Data Watchdog Slams Planned Database of Alleged IP Infringers

The European Union’s data watchdog has attacked plans for a new Europe-wide database of alleged intellectual property infringers.

Europe's GPS Satellites Blast off

Europe's GPS program, Galileo, became a reality on Friday with the launch of its two first operational satellites from the European Space Station in Kourou...

European Parliament Gets It Right on Net Neutrality Say Digital Liberties Groups

Civil liberties groups have broadly welcomed a resolution by the European Parliament’s Industry Committee on Thursday that puts pressure on law-makers to come up...

Europe's Satellite GPS to Blast off After Technical Hitch

Europe’s space ambitions will blast off on Friday with the launch of the first two operational satellites of the Galileo program, the European global satellite...

New EU Law to Remove Online Sales Headache

The days of European online shoppers getting the message “this product is not available in your country” could be numbered.

Pirate Bay Website Circumvents Belgian Blocking

After a court orders ISPs to block access to the Pirate Bay website, the organization sets up a workaround.

Legal Expert Says Anti-counterfeit Deal Should Be Scrapped

A leading data protection expert said Tuesday that the international anti-counterfeiting trade agreement (ACTA) is “badly-drafted, breaches many fundamental...

New EU Proposals on E-waste to Help Consumers Recycle

All but the very smallest electrical retailers in Europe could soon be required to take back any old or unwanted electrical items.